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3ddesk(1)			 User Commands			     3ddesk(1)

       3ddesk -	activates 3D-Desktop, a	3D desktop switcher.

       3ddesk [	OPTIONS	]

       3D  Desktop  is	an  OpenGL program for switching virtual desktops in a
       seamless	3-dimensional manner.  The default "visualization"  maps  your
       screen  onto  an	N-sided	"carousel" which is rotated to select the next
       screen.	When activated the current desktop appears to zoom out	so  as
       to  make	 your  desktop	appear to be actually in a 3d environment with
       your other desktops.

       Activates the 3D	Desktop.  3ddeskd daemon must be running.   Where  OP-
       TIONS are:

	      Uses the options from the	view in	3ddesktop.conf

	      Sets  the	arrangement mode (one of carousel (default), cylinder,
	      linear, viewmaster, priceisright,	flip, or random).

	      Grab images for all the desktops by cycling thru	(sleep	for  x
	      millisecs	at each	screen for refresh)

	      Grab image for current desktop

	      Disable the zoom out

	      How  fast	the rotation or	sliding	of faces takes.	Default	is 40,
	      must be between 1	and 300.

	      How fast it zooms	in an out. Default is 45, must	be  between  1
	      and 300.

	      Goto the desktop to the right

	      Goto the desktop to the left

	      Goto the desktop to the up

	      Goto the desktop to the down

	      Goto specified column (deprecated, use --gotocolumn)

	      Goto specified column

	      Goto specified row

	      Don't exit after a goto

       --stop Stop 3ddesktop (kill 3ddeskd daemon)

	      Force a reload of	3ddesktop.conf

	      Disable Fun Mode

	      Reverse the mousewheel

	      Swap left	and right buttons on the mouse

	      Use  alternate  mousebuttons  scheme: Button 1 activates,	2 goes
	      back and exits, 3	goes back, 6 goes left,	7 goes right.

	      Output version information and exit

       3ddesk --acquire

       This starts the 3ddeskd server and acquires an image of	each  of  your
       virtual	desktops.   It	will  cycle through each desktop and return to
       your current.

       Bind a key combination to /usr/bin/3ddesk  and  press  the  bound  key.
       This  will  bring  you into a 3d	environment where you choose your next
       desktop.	 If the	server hasn't been started it will try to start	it.


       Brad Wasson bard	at

3ddesk				   June	2005			     3ddesk(1)


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