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       Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Tournament_Selection - Tournament
       selector, takes individuals from	one population and puts	them into

	 my $popSize = 100;
	 my $tournamentSize = 7;
	 my $selector =	new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Tournament_Selection $tournamentSize;
	 my @newPop = $selector->apply(	@pop );	#Creates a new population from old

Base Class

       One of the possible selectors used for selecting	the pool of
       individuals that	are going to be	the parents of the following
       generation. Takes a set of individuals randomly out of the population,
       and select  the best.

   new(	$output_population_size, $tournament_size )
       Creates a new tournament	selector

   apply( $ref_to_population[, $output_size || @$ref_to_population] )
       Applies the tournament selection	to a population, returning another of
       the same	size by	default	or whatever size is selected. Please bear in
       mind that, unlike other selectors, this one uses	a reference to
       population instead of a population array.

See Also
       Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::RouleteWheel is another option for
       selecting a pool	of individuals

	 This file is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution,
	 or go to

perl v5.32.1		  Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Tournament_Selection(3)

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