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Carton::Doc::Exec(3)  User Contributed Perl Documentation Carton::Doc::Exec(3)

       Carton::Doc::Exec - execute your	script in a carton local environment

	 carton	exec perl

       This command allows you to run your script in an	isolated carton	local
       environment, which means	the perl 5 library path	@INC are the only ones
       from perl's core	library	path, carton's library path (i.e.
       "local/lib/perl5") and the current directory.

       This is useful to make sure your	scripts	and application	use the	exact
       same versions of	the modules in your library path, and are not using
       any of the modules you accidentally installed into your system perl or
       perlbrew's site library path.

perl v5.32.1			  2016-05-24		  Carton::Doc::Exec(3)


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