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Catalyst::Plugin::CookUsereContributed PerlCatalyst::Plugin::CookiedSession(3)

       Catalyst::Plugin::CookiedSession	- Store	sessions in a browser cookie

	 # in your Catalyst application:
	 use Catalyst qw(CookiedSession);

	     cookiedsession => { key =>	'secretkey', expires =>	'+1d' },

	 # later on in your code
	 $c->session->{product}	= 'foo';
	 my $product = $c->session->{product};

       This module is a	replacement module for Catalyst::Plugin::Session::*
       which stores the	Catalyst session in a browser cookie. This has two
       advantages: it's	easier to configure than Catalyst::Plugin::Session::*
       and sessions require no disk IO.

       The session is encrypted	using Rijndael using the key you provide in
       the configuration, which	should be unique to your application.

       More about Rijndael:

       If you do not set an expires value in the configuration,	then a session
       cookie is used. You should set a	value to make the cookie persist
       through closing the browser: use	'+1h' for one hour, '+2d' for two
       days, '+3M' for three months and	'+4y' for four years.

       The cookied is named after your application, with _cookiedsession
       appended	to the end. Pass in a name value in the	configuration to
       override	this.

       Note that the cookie is limited in size to 4096 bytes. Keep your
       sessions	very small. Alternatively please provide a patch which works
       along the lines of CGI::Cookie::Splitter.

       Leon Brocard <>.

       Copyright (C) 2008, Leon	Brocard

       This module is free software; you can redistribute it or	modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.32.1			  2009-08-1Catalyst::Plugin::CookiedSession(3)


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