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Ephemeron.S(3)			   OCamldoc			Ephemeron.S(3)

       Ephemeron.S - The output	signature of the functor Ephemeron.K1.Make and

Module type
       Module type   Ephemeron.S

       Module type S
	= sig end

       The   output   signature	  of   the   functor   Ephemeron.K1.Make   and
       Ephemeron.K2.Make .  These hash tables are weak in the keys. If all the
       keys of a binding are alive the binding is kept,	but if one of the keys
       of the binding is dead then the binding is removed.

       ===  Propose  the same interface	as usual hash table. However since the
       bindings	are weak, even if mem h	k is true, a subsequent	find h	k  may
       raise  Not_found	because	the garbage collector can run between the two.
       Moreover, the table shouldn't be	modified during	a call to  iter.   Use
       filter_map_inplace in this case.	===

       include Hashtbl.S

       val clean : 'a t	-> unit

       remove all dead bindings. Done automatically during automatic resizing.

       val stats_alive : 'a t -> Hashtbl.statistics

       same as Hashtbl.SeededS.stats but only count the	alive bindings

2021-03-01			    source:			Ephemeron.S(3)

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