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MooseX::ClassAttributeUser Contributed Perl DocumentaMooseX::ClassAttribute(3)

       MooseX::ClassAttribute -	Declare	class attributes Moose-style

       version 0.29

	   package My::Class;

	   use Moose;
	   use MooseX::ClassAttribute;

	   class_has 'Cache' =>
	       ( is	 => 'rw',
		 isa	 => 'HashRef',
		 default => sub	{ {} },


	   no Moose;
	   no MooseX::ClassAttribute;

	   # then later	...

	   My::Class->Cache()->{thing} = ...;

       This module allows you to declare class attributes in exactly the same
       way as object attributes, using "class_has()" instead of	"has()".

       You can use any feature of Moose's attribute declarations, including
       overriding a parent's attributes, delegation ("handles"), attribute
       traits, etc. All	features should	just work. The one exception is	the
       "required" flag,	which is not allowed for class attributes.

       The accessor methods for	class attribute	may be called on the class
       directly, or on objects of that class. Passing a	class attribute	to the
       constructor will	not set	that attribute.

       This class exports one function when you	use it,	"class_has()". This
       works exactly like Moose's "has()", but it declares class attributes.

       One little nit is that if you include "no Moose"	in your	class, you
       won't remove the	"class_has()" function.	To do that you must include
       "no MooseX::ClassAttribute" as well. Or you can just use
       namespace::autoclean instead.

   Implementation and Immutability
       This module will	add a role to your class's metaclass, See
       MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Class for	details. This role provides
       introspection methods for class attributes.

       Class attributes	themselves do the
       MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Attribute	role.

   Cooperation with Metaclasses	and Traits
       This module should work with most attribute metaclasses and traits, but
       it's possible that conflicts could occur. This module has been tested
       to work with Moose's native traits.

   Class Attributes in Roles
       You can add a class attribute to	a role.	When that role is applied to a
       class, the class	will have the relevant class attributes	added. Note
       that attribute defaults will be calculated when the class attribute is
       composed	into the class.

       Bugs may	be submitted through the RT bug	tracker
       ClassAttribute> (or <mailto:bug->).

       I am also usually active	on IRC as 'drolsky' on "irc://".

       If you'd	like to	thank me for the work I've done	on this	module,	please
       consider	making a "donation" to me via PayPal. I	spend a	lot of free
       time creating free software, and	would appreciate any support you'd
       care to offer.

       Please note that	I am not suggesting that you must do this in order for
       me to continue working on this particular software. I will continue to
       do so, inasmuch as I have in the	past, for as long as it	interests me.

       Similarly, a donation made in this way will probably not	make me	work
       on this software	much more, unless I get	so many	donations that I can
       consider	working	on free	software full time (let's all have a chuckle
       at that together).

       To donate, log into PayPal and send money to, or use
       the button at <>.

       Dave Rolsky <>

       o   Andrew Rodland <>

       o   Karen Etheridge <>

       o   Rafael Kitover <>

       o   Robert Buels	<>

       o   Shawn M Moore <>

       This software is	Copyright (c) 2016 by Dave Rolsky.

       This is free software, licensed under:

	 The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)

perl v5.32.1			  2016-05-29	     MooseX::ClassAttribute(3)


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