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       The audit log calls used	in OpenXPKI pass relevant parameters as	hash
       along with the message which is not compatible with the default message
       handlers. This layout class provides the	glue to	create a string	from
       this hash and write it into a message string finally.

       The syntax inside the code looks	like:

	   CTX('log')->audit()->warn('Private Key used', {
	       pkey => 'IssuerCA1',
	       operation => 'Signature'

       When using this module, this becomes:

	   Private Key used|operation=Signature|pkey=IssuerCA1

       Keys are	sorted,	key/value pairs	are joined using "=", the keypairs are
       joined using the	Pipe "|".

perl v5.32.1			  2021-OpenXPKI::Server::Log::Layout::Audit(3)

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