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Oryx::DBI::Util(3)    User Contributed Perl Documentation   Oryx::DBI::Util(3)

       Oryx::DBI::Util - abstract base class for Oryx DBI utilities

       Oryx::DBI::Util represents an interface to be implemented in order to
       add support for additional RDBMS'. The following	methods	must be

       column_exists( $dbh, $table, $column )
	   Returns a true value	if the column named $column exists in table
	   named $table	in database $dbh.

       column_create( $dbh, $table, $colname, $coltype )
	   Adds	a column to the	table named $table named $colname with type
	   $coltype in database	$dbh.

       column_drop( $dbh, $table, $colname )
	   Removes the column named $$colname from the table named $table  in
	   database $dbh.

       table_exists( $dbh, $table )
	   Returns a true value	if the table $table exists in $dbh.

       table_create( $dbh, $table, \@columns, \@types )
	   Creates a table named $table	with columns @columns having types
	   @types in database $dbh.

       table_drop( $dbh, $table	)
	   Drops the table named $table	in database $dbh.

       type2sql( $type,	$size )
	   Given an Oryx primitive type	$type and an optional size, $size,
	   this	method returns the SQL type for	the current connection.

       lastval(	$dbh, $table )
	   Returns what	should be the last insert ID used for table $table in
	   database $dbh. However, due to some DBD driver limitations, this
	   method should not be	used except to check the last insert ID	of an
	   insertion that happened in a	statement executed immediately
	   previous to calling this method.

       In order	to allow Oryx to store data in a database other	than those
       already supported, one need only	provide	an implementation for a
       utility class for use with the appropriate driver.

       The utility class should	inherit	from Oryx::DBI::Util and should
       provide implementations appropriate for all of the methods documented
       here. Since DBI and standard SQL	make the implementation	very similar
       across databases, many of the methods are defined here already. You
       should examine this class for the default implementations to see	if
       they need to be overridden. You will, at	the very least,	need to
       provide either an array named %SQL_TYPES	in your	class or and
       implementation of "type2sql()":

	 # Taken from Oryx::DBI::Util::Pg at the time of writing
	 our %SQL_TYPES	= (
	     'Oid'	 => 'serial PRIMARY KEY',
	     'Integer'	 => 'integer',
	     'String'	 => 'varchar',
	     'Text'	 => 'text',
	     'Binary'	 => 'bytea',
	     'Float'	 => 'numeric',
	     'Boolean'	 => 'integer',
	     'DateTime'	 => 'timestamp',

       You may also want to examine the	code found in the utilities already
       provided.  As of	this writing, this includes Oryx::DBI::Util::Pg	for
       PostgreSQL accessed via DBD::Pg,	Oryx::DBI::Util::mysql for MySQL
       accessed	via DBD::mysql,	and Oryx::DBI::Util::SQLite for	SQLite
       accessed	via DBD::SQLite.

       Oryx::DBI, Oryx::DBI::Class, Oryx::DBI::Util::Pg,
       Oryx::DBI::Util::mysql, Oryx::DBI::Util::SQLite,	DBI

       Richard Hundt <richard NO SPAM AT>

       Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <>

       Copyright (C) 2005 Richard Hundt.

       This library is free software and may be	used under the same terms as
       Perl itself.

perl v5.32.1			  2006-02-17		    Oryx::DBI::Util(3)


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