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       Paws::ElasticBeanstalk::CreateConfigurationTemplate - Arguments for
       method CreateConfigurationTemplate on Paws::ElasticBeanstalk

       This class represents the parameters used for calling the method
       CreateConfigurationTemplate on the AWS Elastic Beanstalk	service. Use
       the attributes of this class as arguments to method

       You shouln't make instances of this class. Each attribute should	be
       used as a named argument	in the call to CreateConfigurationTemplate.

       As an example:

	 $service_obj->CreateConfigurationTemplate(Att1	=> $value1, Att2 => $value2, ...);

       Values for attributes that are native types (Int, String, Float,	etc)
       can passed as-is	(scalar	values). Values	for complex Types (objects)
       can be passed as	a HashRef. The keys and	values of the hashref will be
       used to instance	the underlying object.

   REQUIRED ApplicationName => Str
       The name	of the application to associate	with this configuration
       template. If no application is found with this name, AWS	Elastic
       Beanstalk returns an "InvalidParameterValue" error.

   Description => Str
       Describes this configuration.

   EnvironmentId => Str
       The ID of the environment used with this	configuration template.

   OptionSettings =>
       If specified, AWS Elastic Beanstalk sets	the specified configuration
       option to the requested value. The new value overrides the value
       obtained	from the solution stack	or the source configuration template.

   SolutionStackName =>	Str
       The name	of the solution	stack used by this configuration. The solution
       stack specifies the operating system, architecture, and application
       server for a configuration template. It determines the set of
       configuration options as	well as	the possible and default values.

       Use ListAvailableSolutionStacks to obtain a list	of available solution

       A solution stack	name or	a source configuration parameter must be
       specified, otherwise AWS	Elastic	Beanstalk returns an
       "InvalidParameterValue" error.

       If a solution stack name	is not specified and the source	configuration
       parameter is specified, AWS Elastic Beanstalk uses the same solution
       stack as	the source configuration template.

   SourceConfiguration => Paws::ElasticBeanstalk::SourceConfiguration
       If specified, AWS Elastic Beanstalk uses	the configuration values from
       the specified configuration template to create a	new configuration.

       Values specified	in the "OptionSettings"	parameter of this call
       overrides any values obtained from the "SourceConfiguration".

       If no configuration template is found, returns an
       "InvalidParameterValue" error.

       Constraint: If both the solution	stack name parameter and the source
       configuration parameters	are specified, the solution stack of the
       source configuration template must match	the specified solution stack
       name or else AWS	Elastic	Beanstalk returns an
       "InvalidParameterCombination" error.

   REQUIRED TemplateName => Str
       The name	of the configuration template.

       Constraint: This	name must be unique per	application.

       Default:	If a configuration template already exists with	this name, AWS
       Elastic Beanstalk returns an "InvalidParameterValue" error.

       This class forms	part of	Paws, documenting arguments for	method
       CreateConfigurationTemplate in Paws::ElasticBeanstalk

       The source code is located here:

       Please report bugs to:

perl v5.32.1		Paws::ElasticBeanstalk::CreateConfigurationTemplate(3)


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