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Paws::SQS::ReceiveMessUser3Contributed Perl DocumePaws::SQS::ReceiveMessage(3)

       Paws::SQS::ReceiveMessage - Arguments for method	ReceiveMessage on

       This class represents the parameters used for calling the method
       ReceiveMessage on the Amazon Simple Queue Service service. Use the
       attributes of this class	as arguments to	method ReceiveMessage.

       You shouln't make instances of this class. Each attribute should	be
       used as a named argument	in the call to ReceiveMessage.

       As an example:

	 $service_obj->ReceiveMessage(Att1 => $value1, Att2 => $value2,	...);

       Values for attributes that are native types (Int, String, Float,	etc)
       can passed as-is	(scalar	values). Values	for complex Types (objects)
       can be passed as	a HashRef. The keys and	values of the hashref will be
       used to instance	the underlying object.

   AttributeNames => ArrayRef[Str]
       A list of attributes that need to be returned along with	each message.

       The following lists the names and descriptions of the attributes	that
       can be returned:

       o   "All" - returns all values.

       o   "ApproximateFirstReceiveTimestamp" -	returns	the time when the
	   message was first received from the queue (epoch time in

       o   "ApproximateReceiveCount" - returns the number of times a message
	   has been received from the queue but	not deleted.

       o   "SenderId" -	returns	the AWS	account	number (or the IP address, if
	   anonymous access is allowed)	of the sender.

       o   "SentTimestamp" - returns the time when the message was sent	to the
	   queue (epoch	time in	milliseconds).

   MaxNumberOfMessages => Int
       The maximum number of messages to return. Amazon	SQS never returns more
       messages	than this value	but may	return fewer. Values can be from 1 to
       10. Default is 1.

       All of the messages are not necessarily returned.

   MessageAttributeNames => ArrayRef[Str]
       The name	of the message attribute, where	N is the index.	The message
       attribute name can contain the following	characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9,
       underscore (_), hyphen (-), and period (.). The name must not start or
       end with	a period, and it should	not have successive periods. The name
       is case sensitive and must be unique among all attribute	names for the
       message.	The name can be	up to 256 characters long. The name cannot
       start with "AWS." or "Amazon." (or any variations in casing), because
       these prefixes are reserved for use by Amazon Web Services.

       When using "ReceiveMessage", you	can send a list	of attribute names to
       receive,	or you can return all of the attributes	by specifying "All" or
       ".*" in your request. You can also use "foo.*" to return	all message
       attributes starting with	the "foo" prefix.

   REQUIRED QueueUrl =>	Str
       The URL of the Amazon SQS queue to take action on.

   VisibilityTimeout =>	Int
       The duration (in	seconds) that the received messages are	hidden from
       subsequent retrieve requests after being	retrieved by a
       "ReceiveMessage"	request.

   WaitTimeSeconds => Int
       The duration (in	seconds) for which the call will wait for a message to
       arrive in the queue before returning. If	a message is available,	the
       call will return	sooner than WaitTimeSeconds.

       This class forms	part of	Paws, documenting arguments for	method
       ReceiveMessage in Paws::SQS

       The source code is located here:

       Please report bugs to:

perl v5.32.1			  2015-08-06	  Paws::SQS::ReceiveMessage(3)


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