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SQL::Abstract::Util(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioSQL::Abstract::Util(3)

       SQL::Abstract::Util - Small collection of utilities for

       Determines if the supplied argument is a	plain value as understood by
       this module:

       o   The value is	"undef"

       o   The value is	a non-reference

       o   The value is	an object with stringification overloading

       o   The value is	of the form "{ -value => $anything }"

       On failure returns "undef", on success returns a	scalar reference to
       the original supplied argument.

       o   Note

	   The stringification overloading detection is	rather advanced: it
	   takes into consideration not	only the presence of a "" overload,
	   but if that fails also checks for enabled autogenerated versions of
	   "", based on	either "0+" or "bool".

	   Unfortunately testing in the	field indicates	that this detection
	   may tickle a	latent bug in perl versions before 5.018, but only
	   when	very large numbers of stringifying objects are involved.  At
	   the time of writing ( Sep 2014 ) there is no	clear explanation of
	   the direct cause, nor is there a manageably small test case that
	   reliably reproduces the problem.

	   If you encounter any	of the following exceptions in random places
	   within your application stack - this	module may be to blame:

	     Operation "ne": no	method found,
	       left argument in	overloaded package <something>,
	       right argument in overloaded package <something>

	   or perhaps even

	     Stub found	while resolving	method "???" overloading """" in package <something>

	   If you fall victim to the above - please attempt to reduce the
	   problem to something	that could be sent to the
	   SQL::Abstract::Classic developers (either publicly or privately).
	   As a	workaround in the meantime you can set
	   value, which	will most likely eliminate your	problem	(at the
	   expense of not being	able to	properly detect	exotic forms of

	   This	notice and environment variable	will be	removed	in a future
	   version, as soon as the underlying problem is found and a reliable
	   workaround is devised.

       Determines if the supplied argument is a	literal	value as understood by
       this module:

       o   "\$sql_string"

       o   "\[ $sql_string, @bind_values ]"

       On failure returns "undef", on success returns an array reference
       containing the unpacked version of the supplied literal SQL and bind

perl v5.32.1			  2019-10-17		SQL::Abstract::Util(3)


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