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SVK::Command::Info(3) User Contributed Perl DocumentationSVK::Command::Info(3)

       SVK::Command::Info - Display information	about a	file or	directory

	info [PATH | DEPOTPATH]...

	-R [--recursive]       : descend recursively

       For example, here's the way to display the info of a checkout path:

	% svk info ~/dev/svk
	Checkout Path: /Users/gugod/dev/svk
	Depot Path: //svk/local
	Revision: 447
	Last Changed Rev.: 447
	Last Changed Date: 2006-11-28
	Copied From: /svk/trunk, Rev. 434
	Merged From: /svk/trunk, Rev. 445

       You can see the result has some basic information: the actual depot
       path, and current revision. Next	are advanced information about copy
       and merge source	for this depot path.

       The result of "svk info //svk/local" is almost the same as above,
       except for the "Checkout	Path:" line is not there, because you are not
       referring to a checkout path.

       Note that the revision numbers on "Copied From:"	and "Merged From:"
       lines are for the source	path (//svk/trunk), not	the target path
       (//svk/local).  The example above state that, //svk/local is copied
       from the	revision 434 of	//svk/trunk, and //svk/local was merged	from
       the revision 445	of //svk/trunk.	 Hence if you do a "svk	log -r 434
       //svk/local", svk would tell you	that //svk/local does not exist	at
       revision	434.

       So far there is no easy way to tell the actual revision number of
       //svk/local right after a copy or merge.

       If the target is	a depot	path, or the corresponding depot path of the
       target checkout path is actually	a mirroring path, the output of	this
       command will look like this:

	% svk info //svk/trunk
	Depot Path: //svk/trunk
	Revision: 447
	Last Changed Rev.: 445
	Mirrored From: svn://,	Rev. 1744

       So you can see this depot path is mirrored from a remote	repository,
       and so far mirrored up to revision 1744.

perl v5.32.1			  2010-03-09		 SVK::Command::Info(3)


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