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SVK::Command::Status(3User Contributed Perl DocumentatiSVK::Command::Status(3)

       SVK::Command::Status - Display the status of items in the checkout copy

	status [PATH..]

	-q [--quiet]	       : do not	display	files not under	version	control
	--no-ignore	       : disregard default and svn:ignore property ignores
	-N [--non-recursive]   : do not	descend	recursively
	-v [--verbose]	       : print full revision information on every item

       Show pending changes in the checkout copy.

       The first three columns in the output are each one character wide:

       First column, says if item was added, deleted, or otherwise changed:

	 ' '  no modifications
	 'A' Added
	 'C' Conflicted
	 'D' Deleted
	 'I' Ignored
	 'M' Modified
	 'R' Replaced
	 '?' item is not under version control
	 '!' item is missing (removed by non-svk command) or incomplete
	 '~' versioned item obstructed by some item of a different kind

       Second column, modifications of a file's	or directory's properties:

	 ' ' no	modifications
	 'C' Conflicted
	 'M' Modified

       Third column, scheduled commit will contain addition-with-history

	 ' ' no	history	scheduled with commit
	 '+' history scheduled with commit

       Remaining fields	are variable width and delimited by spaces:
	 The working revision (with -v)
	 The last committed revision and last committed	author (with -v)
	 The working copy path is always the final field, so it	can include

       Example output:

	 svk status
	  M  bar.c
	 A + qax.c

	 svk status --verbose wc
	  M	   53	     2 sally	    wc/bar.c
		   53	    51 harry	    wc/foo.c
	 A +	    -	    ?	?	    wc/qax.c
		   53	    43 harry	    wc/zig.c
		   53	    20 sally	    wc

perl v5.32.1			  2010-03-09	       SVK::Command::Status(3)


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