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Spreadsheet::ParseODS:UserkContributed Perl Spreadsheet::ParseODS::Workbook(3)

       Spreadsheet::ParseODS::Workbook - a workbook

	 print $workbook->filename;

       The name	of the file if applicable.

       The styles that identify	whether	a table	is hidden, and other styles

	   my $print_areas = $workbook->get_print_areas();
	   # [[	[$start_row, $start_col, $end_row, $end_col], ... ]]

       The "->get_print_areas()" method	returns	the print areas	of each	sheet
       as an arrayref of arrayrefs. If a sheet has no print area, "undef" is
       returned	for its	print area.

	   my $sheet = $workbook->get_active_sheet();
	   if( !$sheet ) {
	       # If there is no	defined	active worksheet, take the first:
	       ($sheet)	= $workbook->worksheets();

       Returns the active worksheet, or	if there is no such sheet, returns

	   my @sheets =	$workbook->worksheets;

       Returns the list	of worksheets as Spreadsheet::ParseODS::Worksheet

	   my $sheet1 =	$workbook->worksheet('Sheet 1');

       Returns the worksheet with the given name, or if	no such	worksheet
       exists, returns "undef".

perl v5.32.1			  2020-10-06Spreadsheet::ParseODS::Workbook(3)


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