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Tk_GetJustifyFromObj(3)	     Tk	Library	Procedures     Tk_GetJustifyFromObj(3)


       Tk_GetJustifyFromObj,  Tk_GetJustify,  Tk_NameOfJustify - translate be-
       tween strings and justification styles

       #include	<tk.h>

       Tk_GetJustifyFromObj(interp, objPtr, justifyPtr)

       Tk_GetJustify(interp, string, justifyPtr)

       const char *

       Tcl_Interp *interp (in)		    Interpreter	to use for  error  re-
					    porting, or	NULL.

       Tcl_Obj *objPtr (in/out)		    String value contains name of jus-
					    tification style, one  of  "left",
					    "right",  or "center".  The	inter-
					    nal	rep will be modified to	 cache
					    corresponding justify value.

       const char *string (in)		    Same  as objPtr except description
					    of justification style  is	passed
					    as a string.

       int *justifyPtr (out)		    Pointer  to	 location  in which to
					    store justify value	 corresponding
					    to objPtr or string.

       Tk_Justify justify (in)		    Justification  style  (one	of the
					    values listed below).

       Tk_GetJustifyFromObj places in *justifyPtr  the	justify	 value	corre-
       sponding	to objPtr's value.  This value will be one of the following:

	      Means  that  the text on each line should	start at the left edge
	      of the line;  as a result, the  right  edges  of	lines  may  be

	      Means that the text on each line should end at the right edge of
	      the line;	 as a result, the left edges of	lines may be ragged.

	      Means that the text on each line should be centered;  as	a  re-
	      sult, both the left and right edges of lines may be ragged.

       Under normal circumstances the return value is TCL_OK and interp	is un-
       used.  If objPtr	does not contain a valid justification style or	an ab-
       breviation of one of these names, TCL_ERROR is returned,	*justifyPtr is
       unmodified, and an error	message	is stored in interp's result if	interp
       is  not NULL.  Tk_GetJustifyFromObj caches information about the	return
       value in	objPtr,	which speeds up	future calls  to  Tk_GetJustifyFromObj
       with the	same objPtr.

       Tk_GetJustify  is identical to Tk_GetJustifyFromObj except that the de-
       scription of the	justification is specified with	a string instead of an
       object.	 This prevents Tk_GetJustify from caching the return value, so
       Tk_GetJustify is	less efficient than Tk_GetJustifyFromObj.

       Tk_NameOfJustify	is the logical inverse of Tk_GetJustify.  Given	a jus-
       tify  value  it	returns	a statically-allocated string corresponding to
       justify.	 If justify is not a legal justify value, then "unknown	justi-
       fication	style" is returned.

       center, fill, justification, string

Tk				      8.1	       Tk_GetJustifyFromObj(3)


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