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Tk_SetClassProcs(3)	     Tk	Library	Procedures	   Tk_SetClassProcs(3)


       Tk_SetClassProcs	- register widget specific procedures

       #include	<tk.h>

       Tk_SetClassProcs(tkwin, procs, instanceData)

       Tk_Window tkwin (in)		       Token for window	to modify.

       Tk_ClassProcs *procs (in)	       Pointer	to data	structure con-
					       taining widget specific	proce-
					       dures.	 The   data  structure
					       pointed to  by  procs  must  be
					       static: Tk keeps	a reference to
					       it as long as  the  window  ex-

       ClientData instanceData (in)	       Arbitrary   one-word  value  to
					       pass to widget callbacks.

       Tk_SetClassProcs	is called to register a	set  of	 procedures  that  are
       used as callbacks in different places.

       The structure pointed to	by procs contains the following:
	      typedef struct Tk_ClassProcs {
		  unsigned int size;
		  Tk_ClassWorldChangedProc *worldChangedProc;
		  Tk_ClassCreateProc *createProc;
		  Tk_ClassModalProc *modalProc;
	      }	Tk_ClassProcs;
       The  size  field	is used	to simplify future expansion of	the structure.
       It should always	be set to (literally) sizeof(Tk_ClassProcs).

       worldChangedProc	is invoked when	the system has	altered	 in  some  way
       that  requires some reaction from the widget.  For example, when	a font
       alias (see the font manual entry) is reconfigured,  widgets  configured
       to  use	that font alias	must update their display accordingly.	world-
       ChangedProc should have arguments  and  results	that  match  the  type
	      typedef void Tk_ClassWorldChangedProc(
		  ClientData instanceData);
       The instanceData	parameter passed to the	worldChangedProc will be iden-
       tical to	the instanceData parameter passed to Tk_SetClassProcs.

       createProc is used to create platform-dependant windows.	 It is invoked
       by  Tk_MakeWindowExist.	 createProc  should have arguments and results
       that match the type Tk_ClassCreateProc:
	      typedef Window Tk_ClassCreateProc(
		  Tk_Window tkwin,
		  Window parent,
		  ClientData instanceData);
       The tkwin and instanceData parameters will be identical	to  the	 tkwin
       and instanceData	parameters passed to Tk_SetClassProcs.	The parent pa-
       rameter will be the parent of the window	to be created.	The createProc
       should return the created window.

       modalProc is invoked after all bindings on a widget have	been triggered
       in order	to handle a modal loop.	 modalProc should have	arguments  and
       results that match the type Tk_ClassModalProc:
	      typedef void Tk_ClassModalProc(
		  Tk_Window tkwin,
		  XEvent *eventPtr);
       The tkwin parameter to modalProc	will be	identical to the tkwin parame-
       ter passed to Tk_SetClassProcs.	 The  eventPtr	parameter  will	 be  a
       pointer to an XEvent structure describing the event being processed.

       callback, class

Tk				      8.4		   Tk_SetClassProcs(3)


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