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X509_OBJECT_GET0_X509(3) BSD Library Functions Manual X509_OBJECT_GET0_X509(3)

     X509_OBJECT_get_type, X509_OBJECT_up_ref_count,
     X509_OBJECT_free_contents,	X509_OBJECT_get0_X509,
     X509_OBJECT_get0_X509_CRL,	X509_OBJECT_idx_by_subject,
     X509_OBJECT_retrieve_by_subject, X509_OBJECT_retrieve_match -- certifi-
     cate, CRL,	private	key, and string	wrapper	for certificate	stores

     #include <openssl/x509_vfy.h>

     X509_OBJECT_get_type(const	X509_OBJECT *obj);

     X509_OBJECT_up_ref_count(X509_OBJECT *obj);

     X509_OBJECT_free_contents(X509_OBJECT *obj);

     X509 *
     X509_OBJECT_get0_X509(const X509_OBJECT *obj);

     X509_CRL *
     X509_OBJECT_get0_X509_CRL(X509_OBJECT *obj);

     X509_OBJECT_idx_by_subject(STACK_OF(X509_OBJECT) *stack, int type,
	 X509_NAME *name);

     X509_OBJECT *
     X509_OBJECT_retrieve_by_subject(STACK_OF(X509_OBJECT) *stack, int type,
	 X509_NAME *name);

     X509_OBJECT *
     X509_OBJECT_retrieve_match(STACK_OF(X509_OBJECT) *stack,
	 X509_OBJECT *obj);

     The X509_OBJECT structure is a shallow wrapper around one X509 certifi-
     cate object, one X509_CRL certificate revocation list object, one
     EVP_PKEY private key object, or one char *	string.	 The type of object
     stored at any given time can be inspected with X509_OBJECT_get_type().

     Each X509_STORE object uses one stack of X509_OBJECT structures as	its
     main storage area.

     If	obj contains an	X509 certificate or an X509_CRL	certificate revocation
     list, X509_OBJECT_up_ref_count() increments the reference count of	that
     inner object by 1.	 Otherwise, no action occurs.

     If	obj contains an	X509 certificate, X509_OBJECT_free_contents() calls
     X509_free(3) on that inner	object.	 If obj	contains an X509_CRL certifi-
     cate revocation list, it calls X509_CRL_free(3) on	that inner list.  Oth-
     erwise, no	action occurs.	X509_OBJECT_free_contents() does not free obj

     If	type is	X509_LU_X509, X509_OBJECT_idx_by_subject() and
     X509_OBJECT_retrieve_by_subject() search the given	stack for a certifi-
     cate with the subject name.  If type is X509_LU_CRL, they search for a
     certificate revocation list with the issuer name instead.

     If	obj contains a certificate, X509_OBJECT_retrieve_match() searches the
     given stack for a certificate with	a matching subject name; if it con-
     tains a certificate revocation list, it searches for a certificate	revo-
     cation list with a	matching issuer	name instead; otherwise, it searches
     for an X509_OBJECT	with a matching	type.

     X509_OBJECT_get_type() returns X509_LU_X509 if obj	contains a certifi-
     cate, X509_LU_CRL if it contains a	certificate revocation list, or	0 if
     an	error occurs.

     X509_OBJECT_up_ref_count()	returns	1 on success and 0 on failure.

     X509_OBJECT_get0_X509() returns an	internal pointer to the	certificate
     contained in obj or NULL if obj is	NULL or	contains no certificate.

     X509_OBJECT_get0_X509_CRL() returns an internal pointer to	the certifi-
     cate revocation list contained in obj or NULL if obj is NULL or contains
     no	certificate revocation list.

     X509_OBJECT_idx_by_subject() returns the zero-based index of the first
     matching certificate or revocation	list in	the stack or -1	if type	is
     neither X509_LU_X509 nor X509_LU_CRL or if	no match is found.

     X509_OBJECT_retrieve_by_subject() returns the first matching certificate
     or	revocation list	in the stack or	NULL if	type is	neither	X509_LU_X509
     nor X509_LU_CRL or	if no match is found.

     X509_OBJECT_retrieve_match() returns the first mathching X509_OBJECT or
     NULL if stack or obj is NULL or no	match is found.

     X509_CRL_new(3), X509_NAME_new(3),	X509_STORE_get0_objects(3),
     X509_STORE_load_locations(3), X509_STORE_new(3)

     X509_OBJECT_up_ref_count()	and X509_OBJECT_free_contents()	first appeared
     in	SSLeay 0.8.0 and have been available since OpenBSD 2.4.

     X509_OBJECT_idx_by_subject(), X509_OBJECT_retrieve_by_subject(), and
     X509_OBJECT_retrieve_match() first	appeared in OpenSSL 0.9.6 and have
     been available since OpenBSD 2.9.

     X509_OBJECT_get_type(), X509_OBJECT_get0_X509(), and
     X509_OBJECT_get0_X509_CRL() first appeared	in OpenSSL 1.1.0 and have been
     available since OpenBSD 6.3.

BSD				 June 6, 2019				   BSD


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