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XStringListToTextProperty(3)	XLIB FUNCTIONS	  XStringListToTextProperty(3)

       XStringListToTextProperty,  XTextPropertyToStringList, XFreeStringList,
       XTextProperty - convert string lists and	text property structure

       Status XStringListToTextProperty(char **list, int count,	 XTextProperty

       Status	 XTextPropertyToStringList(XTextProperty    *text_prop,	  char
	      ***list_return, int *count_return);

       void XFreeStringList(char **list);

       count	 Specifies the number of strings.

		 Returns the number of strings.

       list	 Specifies the list of strings to be freed.

       list	 Specifies a list of null-terminated character strings.

		 Returns a list	of null-terminated character strings.

       text_prop Specifies the XTextProperty structure to be used.

		 Returns the XTextProperty structure.

       The XStringListToTextProperty function sets the specified XTextProperty
       to  be of type STRING (format 8)	with a value representing the concate-
       nation of the specified list of null-separated character	 strings.   An
       extra  null byte	(which is not included in the nitems member) is	stored
       at the end of the value field of	text_prop_return.  The strings are as-
       sumed (without verification) to be in the STRING	encoding.  If insuffi-
       cient memory is available for  the  new	value  string,	XStringListTo-
       TextProperty does not set any fields in the XTextProperty structure and
       returns a zero status.  Otherwise, it returns  a	 nonzero  status.   To
       free the	storage	for the	value field, use XFree.

       The XTextPropertyToStringList function returns a	list of	strings	repre-
       senting the null-separated  elements  of	 the  specified	 XTextProperty
       structure.   The	data in	text_prop must be of type STRING and format 8.
       Multiple	elements of the	property (for example, the strings in  a  dis-
       joint text selection) are separated by NULL (encoding 0).  The contents
       of the property are not null-terminated.	  If  insufficient  memory  is
       available for the list and its elements,	XTextPropertyToStringList sets
       no return values	and returns a zero status.  Otherwise,	it  returns  a
       nonzero status.	To free	the storage for	the list and its contents, use

       The XFreeStringList function releases memory allocated by  XmbTextProp-
       ertyToTextList,	  Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList	 and	XTextProperty-
       ToStringList and	the missing charset list allocated by XCreateFontSet.

       The XTextProperty structure contains:

       typedef struct {
	       unsigned	char *value;   /* property data	*/
	       Atom encoding;  /* type of property */
	       int format;     /* 8, 16, or 32 */
	       unsigned	long nitems;   /* number of items in value */
       } XTextProperty;

       XAllocClassHint(3),   XAllocIconSize(3),	   XAllocSizeHints(3),	  XAl-
       locWMHints(3), XFree(3),	XSetCommand(3),	XSetTransientForHint(3), XSet-
       TextProperty(3),	  XSetWMClientMachine(3),    XSetWMColormapWindows(3),
       XSetWMIconName(3),   XSetWMName(3),  XSetWMProperties(3),  XSetWMProto-
       Xlib - C	Language X Interface

X Version 11			 libX11	1.6.12	  XStringListToTextProperty(3)


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