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XkbGetKeyActions(3)		 XKB FUNCTIONS		   XkbGetKeyActions(3)

       XkbGetKeyActions	- Update the actions (the key_acts array) for a	subset
       of the keys in a	keyboard description

       Status XkbGetKeyActions (Display	*dpy, unsigned int first, unsigned int
	      num, XkbDescPtr xkb);

       - dpy  connection to X server

       - first
	      keycode of first key of interest

       - num  number of	keys desired

       - xkb  pointer to keyboard description where result is stored

       XkbGetKeyActions	 sends	a  request to the server to obtain the actions
       for num keys on the keyboard starting with key first.  It waits	for  a
       reply and returns the actions in	the server-_key_acts field of xkb.  If
       successful, XkbGetKeyActions returns Success. The xkb parameter must be
       a pointer to a valid Xkb	keyboard description.

       If  the	server	map, in	the xkb	parameter, has not been	allocated, Xk-
       bGetKeyActions allocates	and initializes	it before  obtaining  the  ac-

       If the server does not have a compatible	version	of Xkb,	or the Xkb ex-
       tension has not been  properly  initialized,  XkbGetKeyActions  returns
       BadAccess.  If  num  is less than 1 or greater than XkbMaxKeyCount, Xk-
       bGetKeyActions returns BadValue.	If any allocation  errors  occur,  Xk-
       bGetKeyActions returns BadAlloc.

       BadAccess      The Xkb extension	has not	been properly initialized

       BadAlloc	      Unable to	allocate storage

       BadValue	      An argument is out of range

X Version 11			 libX11	1.6.12		   XkbGetKeyActions(3)


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