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XkbUpdateMapFromCore(3)		 XKB FUNCTIONS	       XkbUpdateMapFromCore(3)

       XkbUpdateMapFromCore  -	Update a local Xkb keyboard map	to reflect the
       mapping expressed by a core format mapping

       Bool  XkbUpdateMapFromCore  (XkbDescPtr	xkb,  KeyCode  first_key,  int
	      num_keys,	 int  map_width,  KeySym  *core_keysyms, XkbChangesPtr

       - xkb  keyboard description to update

       - first_key
	      keycode of first key description to update

       - num_keys
	      number of	key descriptions to update

       - map_width
	      width of core protocol keymap

       - core_keysyms
	      symbols in core protocol keymap

       - changes
	      backfilled with changes made to Xkb

       Xkb provides several functions that make	it easier to apply the compat-
       ibility	map  to	 configure a client-side Xkb keyboard mapping, given a
       core protocol representation of part or all of a	keyboard mapping.  Ob-
       tain  a	core protocol representation of	a keyboard mapping from	an ac-
       tual server (by using XGetKeyboardMapping, for example),	a  data	 file,
       or some other source.

       XkbUpdateMapFromCore interprets input argument information representing
       a keyboard map in core format to	update the  Xkb	 keyboard  description
       passed  in xkb.	Only a portion of the Xkb map is updated - the portion
       corresponding to	keys with keycodes  in	the  range  first_key  through
       first_key  +  num_keys -	1.  If XkbUpdateMapFromCore is being called in
       response	to a MappingNotify event, first_key and	num_keys are  reported
       in  the	MappingNotify event.  core_keysyms contains the	keysyms	corre-
       sponding	to the keycode range being updated, in core keyboard  descrip-
       tion   order.	map_width   is	the  number  of	 keysyms  per  key  in
       core_keysyms.  Thus, the	first map_width	entries	 in  core_keysyms  are
       for  the	key with keycode first_key, the	next map_width entries are for
       key first_key + 1, and so on.

       In addition to modifying	 the  Xkb  keyboard  mapping  in  xkb,	XkbUp-
       dateMapFromCore backfills the changes structure whose address is	passed
       in changes to indicate the modifications	that were made.	You  may  then
       use changes in subsequent calls such as XkbSetMap, to propagate the lo-
       cal modifications to a server.


X Version 11			 libX11	1.6.12	       XkbUpdateMapFromCore(3)


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