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XmCreateRadioBox(3)	   Library Functions Manual	   XmCreateRadioBox(3)

       XmCreateRadioBox	-- A RowColumn widget convenience creation function

       #include	<Xm/RowColumn.h>
       Widget XmCreateRadioBox(
       Widget parent,
       String name,
       ArgList arglist,
       Cardinal	argcount);

       XmCreateRadioBox	 creates an instance of	a RowColumn widget of type Xm-
       WORK_AREA and returns the associated widget ID. Typically,  this	 is  a
       composite  widget  that contains	multiple ToggleButtonGadgets.  The Ra-
       dioBox arbitrates and ensures that at most one ToggleButtonGadget is on
       at any time.

       Unless the application supplies other values in the arglist, this func-
       tion provides initial values for	several	RowColumn resources.  It  ini-
       tializes	 XmNpacking  to	 XmPACK_COLUMN,	 XmNradioBehavior to True, Xm-
       NisHomogeneous to True, and XmNentryClass to XmToggleButtonGadgetClass.

       In a RadioBox, the ToggleButton or ToggleButtonGadget resource XmNindi-
       catorType defaults to XmONE_OF_MANY, and	the ToggleButton or ToggleBut-
       tonGadget resourceXmNvisibleWhenOff defaults to True.

       This routine is provided	as a convenience function for creating RowCol-
       umn widgets.

       parent	 Specifies the parent widget ID

       name	 Specifies the name of the created widget

       arglist	 Specifies the argument	list

       argcount	 Specifies the number of attribute/value pairs in the argument
		 list (arglist)

       For a complete definition of RowColumn and  its	associated  resources,
       see XmRowColumn(3).

       Returns the RowColumn widget ID.

       XmCreateRowColumn(3),	XmCreateSimpleCheckBox(3),   XmCreateSimpleRa-
       dioBox(3), XmCreateWorkArea(3), XmRowColumn(3),	XmVaCreateSimpleCheck-
       Box(3), and XmVaCreateSimpleRadioBox(3).



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