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XmCvtStringToUnitType(3)   Library Functions Manual   XmCvtStringToUnitType(3)

       XmCvtStringToUnitType  --  A function that converts a string to a unit-
       type value

       #include	<Xm/Xm.h>
       void XmCvtStringToUnitType(
       XrmValuePtr args,
       Cardinal	* num_args,
       XrmValue	* from_val,
       XrmValue	* to_val);

       XmCvtStringToUnitType converts a	string to a unit type.	Refer  to  the
       reference  pages	for XmGadget, XmManager, or XmPrimitive	for a descrip-
       tion of the valid unit types.  Use of this function as a	resource  con-
       verter  is  obsolete.  It has been replaced by a	new resource converter
       that uses the RepType facility.

       args	 Specifies a list of additional	XrmValue arguments to the con-
		 verter	if additional context is needed	to perform the conver-
		 sion. For example, the	 string-to-font	 converter  needs  the
		 widget's  screen  and the string-to-pixel converter needs the
		 widget's screen and color map.	This argument is often NULL.

       num_args	 Specifies the number of additional XrmValue  arguments.  This
		 argument is often zero.

       from_val	 Specifies the value to	convert

       to_val	 Specifies the descriptor to use to return the converted value

       XmGadget(3), XmManager(3), and XmPrimitive(3).



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