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XmFontListGetNextFont(3)   Library Functions Manual   XmFontListGetNextFont(3)

       XmFontListGetNextFont  -- A font	list function that allows applications
       to access the fonts and character sets in a font	list

       #include	<Xm/Xm.h>
       Boolean XmFontListGetNextFont(
       XmFontContext context,
       XmStringCharSet *charset,
       XFontStruct **font);

       XmFontListGetNextFont accesses the character set	and font for the  next
       entry  of the font list.	The application	first uses the XmFontListInit-
       FontContext routine to create a font  list  context.   The  application
       then calls XmFontListGetNextFont	repeatedly with	the same context. Each
       succeeding call accesses	the next element of the	font list.  When  fin-
       ished,  the application calls XmFontListFreeFontContext to free the al-
       located font list context.

       This routine allocates memory for the character set string that must be
       freed  by  the application.  The	function allocates memory for charset.
       The application is responsible for managing the allocated memory.   The
       application can recover the allocated memory by calling XtFree.

       This  function  is  obsolete and	exists for compatibility with previous
       releases. It is replaced	by XmFontListNextEntry.	 If XmFontListGetNext-
       Font is passed a	context	that contains a	font set entry,	it will	return
       the first font of the font set. The next	call to	the function will move
       to the next entry in the	font list.

       context	 Specifies the font list context

       charset	 Specifies  a  pointer	to a character set string; the routine
		 returns the character set for the current font	list element

       font	 Specifies a pointer to	a pointer to  a	 font  structure;  the
		 routine returns the font for the current font list element

       Returns	True  if  the  returned	 values	 are valid; otherwise, returns

       XmFontList(3) and XmFontListNextEntry(3).



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