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XmListPosToBounds(3)	   Library Functions Manual	  XmListPosToBounds(3)

       XmListPosToBounds  --  A	List function that returns the bounding	box of
       an item at a specified position in a list

       #include	<Xm/List.h>
       Boolean XmListPosToBounds(
       Widget widget,
       int position,
       Position	*x,
       Position	*y,
       Dimension *width,
       Dimension *height);

       XmListPosToBounds returns the coordinates of an item within a list  and
       the dimensions of its bounding box. The function	returns	the associated
       x and y-coordinates of the upper	left corner of the bounding box	 rela-
       tive  to	the upper left corner of the List widget, as well as the width
       and the height of the box. The caller can pass a	NULL value for the  x,
       y,  width,  or  height parameters to indicate that the return value for
       that parameter is not requested.

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the List widget.

       position	 Specifies the position	of the specified item.	A value	 of  1
		 indicates  the	first item in the list;	a value	of 2 indicates
		 the second item; and so on. A value of	0 (zero) specifies the
		 last item in the list.

       x	 Specifies a pointer to	the returned x-coordinate of the item.

       y	 Specifies  the	 pointer  to  the returned y-coordinate	of the

       width	 Specifies the pointer to the returned width of	the item.

       height	 Specifies the pointer to the returned height of the item.

       For a complete definition of List and its associated resources, see Xm-

       If  the	item  at the specified position	is not visible,	returns	False,
       and the returned	values (if any)	are undefined. Otherwise,  this	 func-
       tion returns True.

       XmList(3) and XmListYToPos(3).



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