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XmTabSetValue(3)	   Library Functions Manual	      XmTabSetValue(3)

       XmTabSetValue --	A convenience function that sets a tab stop

       #include	<Xm/Xm.h>
       void XmTabSetValue(
       XmTab tab,
       float value);

       XmTabSetValue  sets  the	 value field of	the XmTab structure associated
       with tab.

       tab	 Specifies the tab to set the value of.

       value	 Specifies the floating	point number which represents the dis-
		 tance	that  the rendering of the XmString segment associated
		 with tab will be offset. The offset is	from either the	begin-
		 ning  of the rendering	or from	the previous tab stop, depend-
		 ing on	the setting for	the offset model. The distance depends
		 on  the  tab's	 unit type.  Note that negative	values are not
		 permitted, and	that if	a tab stop would cause text  to	 over-
		 lap,  the x position for the segment is set immediately after
		 the end of the	previous segment.

       See also	the Motif Programmer's Guide for more information  about  tabs
       and tab lists.  XmTab(3).



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