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XmTextFieldGetSubstring(3) Library Functions Manual XmTextFieldGetSubstring(3)

       XmTextFieldGetSubstring	--  A TextField	function that retrieves	a copy
       of a portion of the internal text buffer

       #include	<Xm/TextF.h>
       int XmTextFieldGetSubstring(
       Widget widget,
       XmTextPosition start,
       int num_chars,
       int buffer_size,
       char *buffer);

       XmTextFieldGetSubstring retrieves a copy	of a portion of	 the  internal
       text buffer of a	TextField widget. The function copies a	specified num-
       ber of characters from a	given start position in	the internal text buf-
       fer  into  a  buffer provided by	the application.  A NULL terminator is
       placed at the end of the	copied data.

       The size	of the required	buffer depends on the maximum number of	 bytes
       per  character  (MB_CUR_MAX)  for  the current locale.  MB_CUR_MAX is a
       macro defined in	stdlib.h. The buffer should be large enough to contain
       the  substring  to  be  copied and a NULL terminator. Use the following
       equation	to calculate the size of buffer	the  application  should  pro-

       buffer_size = (num_chars* MB_CUR_MAX) + 1

       widget	 Specifies the TextField widget	ID.

       start	 Specifies  the	 beginning  character  position	from which the
		 data will be retrieved. This is an integer number of  charac-
		 ters from the beginning of the	text buffer. The first charac-
		 ter position is 0 (zero).

       num_chars Specifies the number of characters to be copied into the pro-
		 vided buffer.

		 Specifies the size of the supplied buffer in bytes. This size
		 should	account	for a NULL terminator.

       buffer	 Specifies the character buffer	into which the	internal  text
		 buffer	will be	copied.

       For  a  complete	 definition of TextField and its associated resources,
       see XmTextField(3).

		 The function was successful.

		 The function failed because it	was unable to copy the	speci-
		 fied number of	characters into	the buffer provided.  The buf-
		 fer size may be insufficient. The contents of buffer are  un-

		 The requested number of characters extended beyond the	inter-
		 nal buffer. The function copied characters between start  and
		 the end of the	widget's buffer	and terminated the string with
		 a NULL	 terminator;  fewer  than  num_chars  characters  were

       XmTextField(3) and XmTextFieldGetSubstringWcs(3).



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