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XmUpdateDisplay(3)	   Library Functions Manual	    XmUpdateDisplay(3)

       XmUpdateDisplay	--  A  function	 that  processes  all pending exposure
       events immediately

       void XmUpdateDisplay (widget)
	       Widget  widget;

       XmUpdateDisplay provides	the application	with a mechanism  for  forcing
       all pending exposure events to be removed from the input	queue and pro-
       cessed immediately.  When a user	selects	a button within	a  menu	 pane,
       the  menu  panes	 are unposted and then any activation callbacks	regis-
       tered by	the application	are invoked. If	one of the callbacks  performs
       a time-consuming	action,	the portion of the application window that was
       covered by the menu panes will not have been redrawn;  normal  exposure
       processing does not occur until all of the callbacks have been invoked.
       If the application writer suspects that a callback  will	 take  a  long
       time,  then  the	 callback  may choose to invoke	XmUpdateDisplay	before
       starting	its time-consuming operation.  This function  is  also	useful
       any  time  a transient window, such as a	dialog box, is unposted; call-
       backs are invoked before	normal exposure	processing can occur.

       widget	 Specifies any widget or gadget.



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