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XmtCreatePixmapIcon(3)	   Library Functions Manual	XmtCreatePixmapIcon(3)

       XmtCreatePixmapIcon(),  XmtChangePixmapIcon(), XmtDestroyPixmapIcon() -
       handle non-rectangular multi-color window manager icons.

       #include	<Xmt/Icon.h>

       void XmtCreatePixmapIcon(Widget w, Pixmap icon, Pixmap shape)

       void XmtChangePixmapIcon(Widget w, Pixmap icon, Pixmap shape)

       void XmtDestroyPixmapIcon(Widget	w)


	    w	   Any child of	a toplevel shell (i.e. not a dialog box)  that
		   is to have its icon window created, changed,	or destroyed.

	    icon   A  multi-color  pixmap (i.e.	not a monochrome bitmap) to be
		   displayed in	the icon window. It should have	the same depth
		   as the default depth	of the screen.

	    shape  A  bitmask  that  defines the shape of the icon win dow, or
		   None	for a rectangular icon.	This bitmask will  be  ignored
		   if the X server does	not support the	SHAPE extension	to the
		   X protocol.

       Shell widgets allow you to specify icons	to be displayed	by the	window
       manager	with  the  XtNiconPixmap  and  XtNiconMask arguments. Unfortu-
       nately, XtNiconPixmap only accepts 2-color bitmaps, and XtNiconMask  is
       ignored	by  most  window  managers.  If	you want the window manager to
       display a multi-color or	non-rectangular	icon  for  your	 windows,  you
       must  specify the icon window yourself with the XtNiconWindow resource.
       These functions make this process much easier.

       XmtCreatePixmapIcon() creates an	icon window for	the shell widget of w,
       and  displays  the pixmap icon in it. If	the shape bitmask is specified
       and the X server	supports the  SHAPE  extension,	 XmtCreatePixmapIcon()
       will  make  the	icon  window  non-rectangular, giving it the specified
       shape. Note that	some window managers will reparent  a  non-rectangular
       icon  window  into  a  rectangular  frame, defeating the	purpose	of the
       shape bitmask.

       XmtChangePixmapIcon() can be used to change the pixmap dis played in  a
       shell's	icon window, to	change the shape of that window. Both the icon
       and shape arguments are optional	to this	function-pass None if  you  do
       not want	to change their	current	values.

       XmtDestroyPixmapIcon()  destroys	 the  icon  window associated with the
       shell of	the widget w. The  icon	 window	 will  also  be	 automatically
       destroyed when the shell	is destroyed.

       Chapter 5, Using	Icons,
       Chapter 15, Working with	the Window Manager.

Xmt				  Motif	Tools		XmtCreatePixmapIcon(3)


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