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XtCreateSelectionRequest(3)	 XT FUNCTIONS	   XtCreateSelectionRequest(3)

       XtCreateSelectionRequest, XtSendSelectionRequest, XtCancelSelection-
       Request - bundle	multiple selection conversion requests into a single
       request using MULTIPLE target

       #include	<X11/Intrinsic.h>

       void XtCreateSelectionRequest(Widget requestor, Atom selection);

       void XtSendSelectionRequest(Widget requestor, Atom selection, Time

       void XtCancelSelectionRequest(Widget requestor, Atom selection);

       requestor Specifies the widget making the request.  Must	be of class
		 Core or a subclass thereof.

       selection Specifies the particular selection desired.

       time	 Specifies the timestamp to be used in making the request.

       When XtCreateSelectionRequest is	called,	subsequent calls to XtGetSe-
       lectionValue and	XtGetSelectionValueIncremental with the	requestor and
       selection as specified to XtCreateSelectionRequest will be bundled into
       a single	selection conversion request with multiple targets.  The re-
       quest is	actually initiated by calling XtSendSelectionRequest.

       When XtSendSelectionRequest is called with a value of requestor and se-
       lection matching	a previous call	to XtCreateSelectionRequest, a selec-
       tion conversion request is actually sent	to the selection owner.	 If a
       single target request is	queued,	that request is	made.  If multiple
       targets are queued they are bundled into	a single request with the tar-
       get MULTIPLE using the specified	timestamp.  As the conversions are
       made, the callbacks associated with each	XtGetSelectionValue and	XtGet-
       SelectionValueIncremental are invoked in	turn.

       Multi-threaded applications should lock the application context before
       calling XtCreateSelectionRequest	and release the	lock after calling
       XtSendSelectionRequest to ensure	that the thread	assembling the request
       is safe from interference by another thread assembling a	different re-
       quest naming the	same widget and	selection.

       When XtCancelSelectionRequest is	called,	any requests queued since the
       last call to XtCreateSelectionRequest are cleaned up.  Subsequent calls
       to XtGetSelectionValue, XtGetSelectionValues, XtGetSelectionValueIncre-
       mental, and XtGetSelectionValuesIncremental will	not be deferred.

       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C	Language Interface
       Xlib - C	Language X Interface

X Version 11			  libXt	1.2.0	   XtCreateSelectionRequest(3)


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