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ASEDIT(n)							     ASEDIT(n)

       asedit -	text editor for	X/Motif

       asedit [	options	...] [ filename(s) ]

       asedit  is  an easy to use text editor for X Window System built	around
       Motif Text widget. Version 1.3, international  free  Release,  includes
       the  following  language	versions: English, Dutch, French, German, Pol-
       ish, Portuguese and Swedish. All	commands and  messages	are  localized
       for each	language. The on-line help is available	only in	English.

       The main	features include:
	 - international release (versions for 7 languages)
	 - graphical user interface (GUI)
	 - multiple editing windows
	 - easy	to use "point and click" interface
	 - drag	and drop support (Motif	1.2 and	above only)
	 - file	selection via file selection dialog
	 - read	only mode to view files
	 - file	insert functionality
	 - print dialog	that allows:
	      (i)  selection of	a printer and using extra print	options
	      (ii) selection of	a print	range (selected	text only or
		   the complete	document)
	 - comprehensive context sensitive, hypertext on-line help
	 - multiple undo and redo of edit actions
	 - Cut/Copy/Paste features
	 - bookmarks (up to 10)
	 - parenthesis (pair) matching
	 - comprehensive search	and replace
	 - line	and column numbers
	 - automatic indentation
	 - shortcut keys for the most common edit features
	 - pop-up menu for mouse oriented editing
	 - special version with	keyboard bindings for EMACS's users
	 - customization via X11/Motif resources
	 - easy	localization for left to right languages
	 - spell and sort commands
	 - commands to change case of letters
	 - formatting commands (expand/unexpand, move left/right,
	   indent with,	reformat margins)
	 - user	customizable filters (up to 10); following filters
	   are preconfigured: word count, compress multiple blank
	   lines, delete blank lines, double space the text,
	   delete extra	spaces;
	   new filter dialog is	also available
	 - user	customizable commands (up to 10); following
	   commands are	preconfigured:	pwd, date, hostname;
	   new command dialog is also available
	 - extended syntax (on program startup:	show line <N>,
	   open	multiple files,	set tabstops interval, set
	   autoindent, etc.)

       The following options are available:

       -bg _COLOR_
	       sets background (page) color for	all elements

       -fg _COLOR_
	       sets foreground (text) color

       -fn _FONT_
	       sets one	font list for the whole	program

       -fnm _FONT_
	       sets font list for menu items and dialogs

       -fnt _FONT_
	       sets font list for the edit text	area

       -helpdir	_DIR_
	       sets directory for the asedit help file (asedit.hlp)

       -tab _N_
	       sets the	tabstops to interval of	N characters

       +<N>    after opening the file go to line <N>

       -emacs  turns on	Emacs mode (alternate shortcuts	set is used)

       -/+ai   turns on/off autoindent

	       turns on/off status line

       -/+wrap turns on/off auto wraparound (*slow* before Motif 1.2)

       -/+v    turns on/off view only mode

	  .....	 and all standard X-Window options, including:

       -display	_HOST:SCREEN_
	       sets the	display	where the window will appear

       -geometry _WIDTHxHEIGHT+X+Y_
	       sets window size	and position (in pixels)

       -iconic starts the program up iconified

       -xrm _RESOURCE_
	       sets additional X resource specification

       filename(s) Specifies the file that is to be loaded during start-up and
       edited afterwards.  Note	that you might specify more than one file.  If
       a  file	is  not	specified, asedit starts with a	"NoName" file, so text
       might be	entered	in immediately.

       asedit has a comprehensive, context sensitive, hypertext	on-line	 help,
       so,  to	avoid having to	keep the information up	to date	in two places,
       it will not be duplicated here. For more	information see	 on-line  help
       (just  press the	help key, F1, whenever you need	help when working with
       asedit ).

       Andrzej Stochniol (
       30 Hatch	Road, London SW16 4PN, UK

       Copyright 1992 -	1994 by	Andrzej	Stochniol

			       Free Release 1.3			     ASEDIT(n)


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