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aumeta(1)			    hxtools			     aumeta(1)

       aumeta -- move seek index and adjust metadata of	audio files

       aumeta  [-n]  [-G genre]	[-N tracknum] [-a artist] [-d iso8601date] [-l
       album] [-m key=value] [-t title]

       aumeta will utilize ffmpeg to reorder the seek index to	the  front  to
       facilitate streaming, and, optionally, rewrite metadata in audio	files.

       The  tool  has  only been tested	with MPEG-4 containers and is probably
       not going to work for other formats.

       -G string
	      Set the genre in the metadata section to the given value.

       -N number
	      Set the track number in the metadata.

       -a string
	      Set the artist name in the metadata.

       -d yyyy-mm-dd
	      Set the datestamp	in the metadata.

       -l string
	      Set the album name in the	metadata.

       -m key=value
	      Set an arbitrary key/value pair in the metadata.

       -n     Remove any video content found in	the file.

       -t string
	      Set the track title in the metadata.

See also
       hxtools(7), ffmpeg(1)

hxtools				  2017-01-13			     aumeta(1)

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