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BEADM(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		      BEADM(8)

     beadm -- manage boot environments with ZFS

     beadm activate beName
     beadm create [-e nonActiveBe|beName@snapshot] beName
     beadm create beName@snapshot
     beadm destroy [-F]	beName|beName@snapshot beadm list [-aDHs]
     beadm mount beName	[mountpoint]
     beadm rename origBeName newBeName
     beadm umount [-f beName]
     beadm version

     The beadm command is used to setup	and interact with boot environments
     with ZFS.

     Boot environments allow the system	to be upgraded,	while preserving the
     old system	environment in a separate ZFS dataset.

     The following commands are	supported by beadm:

     activate beName
	     Activate the given	beName for the next boot.

     create [-e	nonActiveBe|beName@snapshot] beName
	     Create a new boot environment named beName.  If the -e option is
	     specified,	the new	environment will be cloned from	the given
	     nonActiveBe boot environment or beName@snapshot snapshot.

     create beName@snapshot
	     Create a snapshot of the existing boot environment	named beName.

     destroy [-F] beName|beName@snapshot
	     Destroy the given beName boot environment or beName@snapshot
	     snapshot.	Specifying -F will automatically unmount the target
	     without confirmation.

     list [-aDHs]
	     Display all boot environments.  The "Active" field	indicates
	     whether the boot environment is active now	("N"); active on re-
	     boot ("R"); or both ("NR").

	     The following options are available:

	     -a	 Display all datasets.

	     -D	 Display the full space	usage for each boot environment, as-
		 suming	all other boot environments were destroyed.

	     -H	 Does not print	headers	and separate fields by a single	tab
		 instead of arbitrary white space.  Use	for scripting.

	     -s	 Display all snapshots.

     mount beName [mountpoint]
	     Temporarily mount the beName boot environment.  Mount at the
	     specified mountpoint if provided.

     rename origBeName newBeName
	     Rename the	given nonactive	origBeName boot	environment to

     umount [-f	beName]
	     Unmount the given boot environment, if it is mounted.  Specifying
	     -f	will force the unmount if busy.	 This command can be called
	     with either umount	or unmount.

	     Print the beadm version and exit.

     Perform a system upgrade in a jail(8):

	     Create a new boot environment called jailed:

		   beadm create	-e default jailed

	     Set a mountpoint for the new jail to /usr/jails/jailed:

		   beadm mount jailed /usr/jails/jailed

	     The currently active boot environment is now replicated into the
	     jailed system and ready for an upgrade.  Start up the jail, log
	     in	and perform the	normal upgrade process.	 Once this is done,
	     stop the jail and disable it in /etc/rc.conf.  Now	activate the
	     boot environment for the next boot:

		   beadm activate jailed

	     Reboot into the new environment:


     jail(8), zfs(8), zpool(8)

     The original "FreeBSD ZFS Madness"	how-to guide is	available at the
     FreeBSD Forums:

     beadm(1M) originally appeared in Solaris.

     Slawomir Wojciech Wojtczak	(vermaden) <>:

	     -	 Creator and maintainer	of beadm.

     Bryan Drewery (bdrewery) <>:

	     -	 Wrote this manual page	and contributed	child dataset fixes.

     Mike Clarke (rawthey) <>:

	     -	 Wrote fast implementation of beadm list.

	     -	 Contributed a lot of fixes and	usability changes.

BSD			       December	1, 2020				   BSD


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