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CARDPEEK(1)		    General Commands Manual		   CARDPEEK(1)

       cardpeek	- A gui	tool to	explore	the contents of	ISO 7816 smart cards.

       cardpeek	[options]

       Cardpeek	 is  a	tool  to read the contents of ISO7816 smart cards.  It
       features	a GTK GUI to represent card data is a tree view,  and  is  ex-
       tendable	with a scripting language (LUA).

       -r, --reader=READER
	      Connect to the reader identified by READER.

       -e, --exec=COMMAND
	      Execute the lua commands described in COMMAND.

       -v, --version
	      Print version info and list of detected smart card readers.

       The goal	of this	project	is to allow smart card owners to be better in-
       formed about what type of personal information is stored	in  these  de-

       This is not a real man-page, for	more detailed information see included
       PDF documentation cardpeek_ref.en.pdf available online here:

       or in your in your system  doc/	directory  (e.g.  /usr/share/doc/card-

       cardpeek	is Copyright (c) 2009-2013 Alain Pannetrat.

       cardpeek	is free	software: you can redistribute it and/or modify	it un-
       der the terms of	the GNU	General	Public License	as  published  by  the
       Free  Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your
       option) any later version.

       cardpeek	is distributed in the hope that	it will	be useful, but WITHOUT
       ANY  WARRANTY;  without even the	implied	warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
       FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR	PURPOSE.  See the GNU General  Public  License
       for more	details.

       You should have received	a copy of the GNU General Public License along
       with this program.  If not, see

       Alain Pannetrat <>



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