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CAS(4)			 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual			CAS(4)

     cas -- Sun	Cassini/Cassini+ and National Semiconductor DP83065 Saturn Gi-
     gabit Ethernet driver

     To	compile	this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your
     kernel configuration file:

	   device miibus
	   device cas

     Alternatively, to load the	driver as a module at boot time, place the
     following line in loader.conf(5):


     The cas driver provides support for the Sun Cassini/Cassini+ and National
     Semiconductor DP83065 Saturn Gigabit Ethernet controllers found on-board
     in	Sun UltraSPARC machines	and as add-on cards.

     All controllers supported by the cas driver have TCP/UDP checksum offload
     capability	for both receive and transmit, support for the reception and
     transmission of extended frames for vlan(4) and an	interrupt coalesc-
     ing/moderation mechanism as well as a 512-bit multicast hash filter.

     The cas driver also supports Jumbo	Frames (up to 9022 bytes), which can
     be	configured via the interface MTU setting.  Selecting an	MTU larger
     than 1500 bytes with the ifconfig(8) utility configures the adapter to
     receive and transmit Jumbo	Frames.

     The chips supported by the	cas driver are:

     o	 National Semiconductor	DP83065	Saturn Gigabit Ethernet
     o	 Sun Cassini Gigabit Ethernet
     o	 Sun Cassini+ Gigabit Ethernet

     The following add-on cards	are known to work with the cas driver at this

     o	 Sun GigaSwift Ethernet	1.0 MMF	(Cassini Kuheen) (part no. 501-5524)
     o	 Sun GigaSwift Ethernet	1.0 UTP	(Cassini) (part	no. 501-5902)
     o	 Sun GigaSwift Ethernet	UTP (GCS) (part	no. 501-6719)
     o	 Sun Quad GigaSwift Ethernet UTP (QGE) (part no. 501-6522)
     o	 Sun Quad GigaSwift Ethernet PCI-X (QGE-X) (part no. 501-6738)

     On	sparc64	the cas	driver respects	the local-mac-address? system configu-
     ration variable which can be set in the Open Firmware boot	monitor	using
     the setenv	command	or by eeprom(8).  If set to "false" (the default), the
     cas driver	will use the system's default MAC address for all of its de-
     vices.  If	set to "true", the unique MAC address of each interface	is
     used if present rather than the system's default MAC address.

     Supported interfaces having their own MAC address include on-board	ver-
     sions on boards equipped with more	than one Ethernet interface and	all
     add-on cards.

     altq(4), miibus(4), netintro(4), vlan(4), eeprom(8), ifconfig(8)

     The cas device driver appeared in FreeBSD 8.0 and FreeBSD 7.3.  It	is
     named after the cas driver	which first appeared in	OpenBSD	4.1 and	sup-
     ports the same set	of controllers but is otherwise	unrelated.

     The cas driver was	written	by Marius Strobl <> based on
     the gem(4)	driver.

BSD				March 24, 2012				   BSD


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