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ceylon info(1)							ceylon info(1)

       ceylon info - Prints information	about modules in repositories

       ceylon info [--cacherep=url] [--cwd=dir]	[--dependency-depth=depth]
		   [--exact-match] [--find-member=member-name] [--find-
		   package=package-name] [--formatting=formatting] [--include-
		   optional] [--maven-overrides=file] [--no-default-
		   repositories] [--offline] [--overrides=file]	[--print-
		   overrides] [--rep=url...] [--require-all] [--show-
		   dependencies] [--show-full-description] [--show-
		   incompatible=mode] [--show-names] [--show-type=type]
		   [--show-versions] [--src=dir...] [--sysrep=url]
		   [--timeout=seconds] [--verbose[=flags]] [--]	{module}...

       When passed a search query like *foo* it	will look at all  the  modules
       in  all	repositories  and  see if the word foo appears anywhere	in the
       name, description, version, license or any other	field in the  module's
       descriptor and print their names.

       When  passed  a	partial	module name like* it will look at
       all the modules in all the repositories and see if  their  names	 start
       with and print their names.

       When  passed  a complete	module name like com.acme.foobar it will print
       the list	of available versions for that module, with the	module reposi-
       tory  in	 which	each version was found.	Versions marked	with * are not
       currently available on the local	file system but	will be	downloaded on-
       demand from remote servers.

       When passed a complete module name and version like com.acme.foobar/1.0
       it will print information about the contents of a module	 archive,  its
       description, its	licence	and its	dependencies

	      Specifies	the folder to use for caching downloaded modules. (de-
	      fault: ~/.ceylon/cache)

	      Specifies	the current working directory for this tool. (default:
	      the directory where the tool is run from)

	      The  depth  of  the dependency tree to show, or all for the full
	      tree. (Allowed values: any positive integer or all, default: 1)

	      Only  returns  exact  matches  when  using  the  find-member  or
	      find-package option

	      Shows  only  those modules that contain members whose name match
	      the given	argument.

	      Shows only those modules that contain packages whose name	 match
	      the given	argument.

	      Set the output formatting	to use,	can be simple or fancy

	      Include optional modules when traversing dependencies

	      Specifies	 the XML file to use to	load Maven artifact overrides.
	      ence/repository/maven/  for information. Deprecated: use --over-

	      Indicates	that the default repositories should not be used.

       --offline, -L
	      Enables offline mode that	will  prevent  connections  to	remote

       --overrides=file, -O file
	      Specifies	 the  XML  file	 to  use to load module	overrides. See
	      ry/maven/	for information. null.

	      Print  a	usable	module overrides file when there are duplicate
	      versions,	selecting the latest versions

	      Specifies	a module repository containing	dependencies.  Can  be
	      specified	 multiple  times.  (default:  modules, ~/.ceylon/repo,

	      Only show	those results that have	 all  the  requested  artifact

	      Show the dependencies whenever versions are shown

	      Shows the	full description for module details

	      Also  show versions incompatible with the	current	Ceylon instal-
	      lation. allowed values are: 'yes', 'no' and 'auto'

	      Show the matching	items when using the find-member or find-pack-
	      age option

	      The  artifact  types to show information for. Allowed values in-
	      clude: all, jvm, car, jar, js, dart, src,	code, ceylon  (default
	      is all).

	      Show the versions	when searching for modules

	      A	 directory containing Ceylon and/or Java source	code (default:

	      Specifies	the system repository  containing  essential  modules.
	      (default:	$CEYLON_HOME/repo)

       --timeout=seconds, -T seconds
	      Sets  the	 timeout for connections to remote repositories, use 0
	      for no timeout (default: 20).

       --verbose[=flags], -d
	      Produce verbose output. If no flags are given  then  be  verbose
	      about  everything,  otherwise  just  be  verbose about the flags
	      which are	present. Allowed flags include:	all, loader.

       First list the available	modules	in the 'ceylon'	namespace:

       ceylon info 'ceylon.*'

       Next list the versions of a module:

       ceylon info ceylon.collection

       Then view information for a particular version:

       ceylon info ceylon.collection/1.2.0

				18 August 2017			ceylon info(1)


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