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CHOPARP(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		    CHOPARP(8)

     choparp --	cheap and omitted proxy	ARP

     chpoarp if_name mac_addr [-]net_addr[/net_mask] ...

     choparp is	a easy-to-use proxy ARP	daemon.	 It watches ARP	request	pack-
     ets visible on the	interface specified by argument	if_name, and sends
     proxy ARP reply to	the sender if the ARP request queries the MAC address
     (ethernet hardware	address) for the network specified by net_addr/

     mac_addr is th MAC	address	to be published	for the	specified hosts.  It
     is	normally the address of	if_name.  The format of	mac_addr must be 6
     colon-separated bytes of hexadecimal value, such as 00:00:01:01:14:46.
     The keyword auto can also be used to use the address of if_name from the
     system configuration.

     A carp(4) virtual router address can be specified as vhid:_hex_

     net_addr must be in dotted	quad notation (for example or
     be	a 32 bit hexadecimal value starting with "0x" (for example
     0x858a0186).  net_mask can	likewise be speficied as a dotted quad or
     hexadecimal value,	or alternatively as a mask length. The following ad-
     dress specifications are therefore	equivalent:

     Multiple addresses	can be specified.  Addresses can be excluded by	pre-
     ceding them with -

     If	you have network interface "ne0" with MAC address "00:00:01:01:14:16",
     and would like to send proxy ARP reply for, the argument
     would be as follows:

	   choparp ne0 00:00:01:01:14:46

     Supports Ethernet interfaces only.	 Handles single	interface at a time.
     (you can start multiple choparp for multiple interfaces, though).

FreeBSD	13.0		       November	20, 2014		  FreeBSD 13.0


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