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CTLSTAT(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		    CTLSTAT(8)

     ctlstat --	CAM Target Layer statistics utility

     ctlstat [-t] [-c count] [-C] [-d] [-D] [-j] [-P] [-l lun] [-n numdevs]
	     [-p port] [-w wait]

     The ctlstat utility provides statistics information for the CAM Target
     Layer.  The first display (except for dump	and JSON modes)	shows average
     statistics	since system startup.  Subsequent displays show	average	sta-
     tistics during the	measurement interval.

     The options are as	follows:

     -t		 Total mode.  This displays separate columns with the total
		 read and write	output,	and a combined total column that also
		 includes non I/O operations.

     -c	count	 Display statistics this many times.

     -C		 Disable CPU statistics	display.

     -d		 Display DMA operation time (latency) instead of overall I/O
		 time (latency).

     -D		 Text dump mode.  Dump statistics every	30 seconds in a	text
		 format	suitable for parsing.  No statistics are computed in
		 this mode, only raw numbers are displayed.

     -h		 Suppress display of the header.

     -j		 JSON dump mode.  Dump statistics every	30 seconds in Java-
		 Script	Object Notation	(JSON) format.	No statistics are com-
		 puted in this mode, only raw numbers are displayed.

     -P		 Prometheus dump mode.	Dump statistics	in a format suitable
		 for ingestion into Prometheus.	 When invoked with this	op-
		 tion, ctlstat dumps once, regardless of the -t	option.	 This
		 option	is especially useful when invoked by inetd(8).	See
		 the comments in /etc/inetd.conf for an	example	configuration.

     -l	lun	 Request statistics for	the specified LUN.

     -n	numdevs	 Display statistics for	this many devices.

     -p	port	 Request statistics for	the specified port.

     -w	wait	 Wait this many	seconds	in between displays.  If this option
		 is not	specified, ctlstat defaults to a 1 second interval.

	   ctlstat -t

     Display total statistics for the system with a one	second interval.

	   ctlstat -d -l 5 -C

     Display average DMA time for LUN 5	and omit CPU utilization.

	   ctlstat -n 7	-w 10

     Display statistics	for the	first 7	LUNs, and display average statistics
     every 10 seconds.

     cam(3), cam(4), ctl(4), xpt(4), camcontrol(8), ctladm(8), ctld(8),
     iostat(8),	Prometheus project:

     Prometheus	exposition formats:

     Ken Merry <>
     Will Andrews <>
     Alexander Motin <>

FreeBSD	13.0			April 22, 2021			  FreeBSD 13.0


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