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delete-pr(8)		GNATS Admininstration Utilities		  delete-pr(8)

       delete-pr - deletes closed PRs

	      [	-V | --version ] | [ -h	| --help ] |
	      [	-d name	| --database=name ] [ -c | --closed | PR ]

       Deletes	the  specified	PR, or if the --closed option is given,	all of
       the closed PRs in the database are deleted.

       delete-pr must be run by	the GNATS user (by default gnats).

       Note that deleting PRs is generally a very bad idea.  It	flies  in  the
       face  of	 the  very idea	of using a Problem Reporting system and	should
       only be considered in special situations.  Such a situation  might  for
       instance	 arise	if a mail loop causes mass duplicate submissions or if
       you receive spam	to the PR submission e-mail address.

       -V, --version
	      Prints the program version to stdout and exits.

       -h, --help
	      Prints a short help text to stdout and exits.

       -d, --database
	      Specifies	the database from which	the PR(s) are to  be  deleted.
	      If  no  database is specified, the database named	default	is as-
	      sumed.  This option overrides  the  database  specified  in  the
	      GNATSDB environment variable.

	      Requests that all	closed PRs in the database be deleted.

       PR     Requests	that the specified PR be deleted.  The PR must be in a
	      closed state.

       The GNATSDB environment variable	is used	to determine which database to
       use.  For a local database, it contains the name	of the database	to ac-

       For network access via gnatsd, it contains a  colon-separated  list  of
       strings that describe the remote	database, in the form


       Any  of	the fields may be omitted, but at least	one colon must appear;
       otherwise, the value is assumed to be the name of a local database.

       If GNATSDB is not set and the --database	option is not supplied,	it  is
       assumed that the	database is local and that its name is default.

       Keeping	Track: Managing	Messages With GNATS (also installed as the GNU
       Info file and Reporting Problems Using  send-pr  (also  in-
       stalled as the GNU Info file

       databases(5), dbconfig(5), delete-pr(8),	edit-pr(1) file-pr(8), gen-in-
       dex(8), gnats(7),  gnatsd(8),  mkcat(8),	 mkdb(8),  pr-edit(8),	query-
       pr(1), queue-pr(8), send-pr(1).

       Copyright (c) 1999, 2003, Free Software Foundation, Inc.

       Permission  is  granted	to make	and distribute verbatim	copies of this
       manual provided the copyright notice and	 this  permission  notice  are
       preserved on all	copies.

       Permission  is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this
       manual under the	conditions for verbatim	copying, provided that the en-
       tire resulting derived work is distributed under	the terms of a permis-
       sion notice identical to	this one.

       Permission is granted to	copy and distribute translations of this manu-
       al  into	another	language, under	the above conditions for modified ver-
       sions, except that this permission notice may be	included  in  transla-
       tions approved by the Free Software Foundation instead of in the	origi-
       nal English.

GNATS				  August 2003			  delete-pr(8)


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