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bk delta(7.3.3)		    BitKeeper User's Manual	       bk delta(7.3.3)

       bk delta	- check	in modified files

       bk delta	[-acflpqu] [-Dfile] [-ymsg] [file ... |	-]
       bk delta	[-acflpqu] [-Dfile] [-Yfile] [file ... | -]

       The  bk delta command is	used to	check in changes made to revision con-
       trolled files.  This command is fairly rich in features and is the pre-
       ferred interface	for scripting.	For interactive	checkins, bk citool is
       the preferred interface.

       After a delta saves the modifications in	a file,	the state of the  user
       file  is	 controlled  by	the 'checkout' config option and the -l	and -u
       options below.  In checkout:edit	(aka -l) mode  (the  default  for  new
       repositories)  the  file	is left	unmodifed in an	edited/writable	state.
       In checkout:get (aka -u)	mode, the file is unlocked and made read-only.
       In  checkout:none mode, the file	is removed after its contents has been
       recorded. The file is removed even if no	changes	are found.

       By default, bk delta with no file arguments operates on	all  files  in
       the current directory.  If you want to disable this behavior, for exam-
       ple to prevent accidental checkins,  you	 can  set  the	BK_NODIREXPAND
       environment variable to a value of 1.

       -a	 Normally,  bk	delta  is used to modify existing files.  This
		 option	changes	bk delta to act	like bk	new for	new files  and
		 bk  delta  for	existing files.	 The usefulness	of this	option
		 is more apparent when you consider having  a  mixed  list  of
		 files,	 some  under revision control and some not.  For exam-

		     bk	-Axc delta -a -y'mass checkin'

		 runs bk new on	all the	new files and bk delta on all the mod-
		 ified files.  When called with	this option, bk	delta does not
		 create	a null delta on	an edited but unmodified file.
       -c	 Take checkin comments from SCCS/c.filename.  It is  an	 error
		 if the	c.file does not	exist.
       -Dfile	 Take RCS format (diff -n or bk	diff -hn) diffs	from <file>.
       -f	 Force	the  creation  of  a  null  delta even if there	are no
		 changes to the	file.
       -l	 Follow	check in with a	locked check out like bk edit.
       -Mmode	 Set the permissions on	the new	delta to  <mode>.   More  com-
		 monly used with bk new.
       -p	 Print differences before prompting for	comments.
       -q	 Run silently.
       -u	 Follow	check in with an unlocked check	out.
       -Yfile	 Use the comment specified in file for comments	for all	files.
       -ycomment Sets the revision comment to <comment>.

       bk-citool, bk-get, bk-edit, bk-new


BitKeeper Inc			      1E1		       bk delta(7.3.3)


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