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DENATURE(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	   DENATURE(1)

       denature	-- A script to convert an html file to an xsl-fo file, then
       using FOP, to a pdf.

       denature	[-i dir] [-c dir] [-l] [-s] [-f] [-e] [-w] [-d]	[-p] [-t] [-h]
       <input file> <output file>

       denature	will parse through the given HTML file and produce a roughly
       equilavent PDF file. denature should be able to recognize most HTML
       files, but if the file is significantly ill-formed the parser may have

       denature	can add	page breaks into the output pdf	file. The placement of
       the page	breaks is controlled by	comments inside	the HTML file. When a
       page break is desired place a <!-- PAGEBREAK -->	command	and a new page
       will be started before the next block of	text. This can have funny
       consequences if the pagebreak is	place inside a table data cell,	so be
       careful where the break is placed.

       -i dir -- image directory.
	    Directory where images used	in the HTML document are located.

       -c dir -- css file directory.
	    Directory where the	CSS file used is located, if needed.

       -l -- landscape mode.
	    Will attempt to print the PDF as a landscape page (EXPERIMENTAL).

       -s -- SVG graphics.
	    This will enable the use of	SVG graphics to	draw some portions of
	    the	input fields. This requires a vaild DISPLAY variable to	be set
	    and	a vaild	X server because the java.awt packages are used	to
	    draw the images.

       -f -- footer.
	    Will print a footer	on the bottom of each page containing p. <page

       -e -- header.
	    Will print a header	on the top of each page	containing the
	    <title></title> contents.

       -p -- padding.
	    Will turn on the usage of the padding tag in CSS. This can cause
	    some funny things in the output at the moment.

       -w -- warning.
	    Will print out warning information.

       -d -- debug.
	    Will print out debug information (this includes warnings). Only
	    needed for development.

       -t -- test only
	    Used to test denature, does	not run	fop and	leaves the temporary
	    xml	file around.

       -h -- help.
	    Prints out a brief help message.

       There are several external dependancies which denature requres to
       execute.	They are:

       HTML-Tagset (perl module)
       HTML-Parser (perl module)
       HTML-Tree (perl module)
       CSS::Tiny (perl module)

       The perl	modules	should be available through CPAN,
       while FOP is available from

       Once all	the requirements are installed two variables at	the top	of the
       denature	script need to be set to the FOP and JDK install directories.
       The variables are:

	    The	directory that contains	the script.

	    The	directory that contains	the JDK	(This is the same as the
	    JAVA_HOME environment variable).  The the JDK version required
	    should be specified	on the FOP website.

       Once these variables are	set denature should work correctly.

       denature	does not currently handle all of HTML. As unknown tags are
       encountered they	are added in.

       Not all <form> elements are handled, or only handled if the SVG flag is
       passed. The others could	be added, I just have not had time. Current
       text fields just	have there values printed, they	could have boxes drawn
       around them in the future.

       The CSS support in denature only	supports the simple items of
       or .style.

       This is denature	0.6.5.

       dan sinclair <>

perl v5.32.1			  2021-03-01			   DENATURE(1)


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