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DISTRIB.PATS(5)		  InterNetNews Documentation	       DISTRIB.PATS(5)

       distrib.pats - Default values for the Distribution: header

       The file	pathetc/distrib.pats is	used by	nnrpd to determine the default
       value of	the Distribution: header.  Blank lines and lines beginning
       with a number sign ("#")	are ignored.  All other	lines consist of three
       fields separated	by a colon:


       The first field is the weight to	assign to this match.  If a newsgroup
       matches multiple	lines, the line	with the highest weight	is used.  This
       should be an arbitrary integer greater than zero.  The order of lines
       in the file is only important if	groups have equal weight (in which
       case, the first matching	line will be used).

       The second field	is either the name of a	newsgroup or a
       uwildmat(3)-style pattern to specify a set of newsgroups.

       The third field is the value that should	be used	for the	Distribution:
       header of a posted article, if this line	was picked as the best match
       and no Distribution: header was supplied	by the user.  It can be	an
       empty string, specifying	that no	Distribution: header should be added.
       If it is	not empty, it is better	to only	use US-ASCII characters	for
       that field; otherwise, make sure	it is encoded in UTF-8.

       When a post is received by nnrpd	that does not already contain a
       Distribution: header, each newsgroup to which an	article	is posted will
       be checked against this file in turn, and the matching line with	the
       highest weight will be used as the value	of the Distribution: header.
       If no lines match, or if	the matching line has an empty string for its
       third field, no header will be added.  In case a	distribution is	added
       by nnrpd, make sure it is not rejected by the newsfeeds "ME" entry.

       A list of recommended distributions can be specified and	described in

       Written by Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews.  Converted
       to POD by Russ Allbery <>.

       $Id: distrib.pats.pod 9767 2014-12-07 21:13:43Z iulius $

       distributions(5), inn.conf(5), newsfeeds(5), nnrpd(8), uwildmat(3).

INN 2.6.3			  2015-09-12		       DISTRIB.PATS(5)


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