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DVBCUT(1)		    General Commands Manual		     DVBCUT(1)

       dvbcut -	Qt application for cutting parts out of	DVB streams

       dvbcut [	-idx indexfile ] [ mpegfile ]
       dvbcut projectfile
       dvbcut -generateidx -idx	indexfile mpegfile

       DVBCUT  is  a Qt	application that allows	you to select certain parts of
       an MPEG transport stream	(as received via Digital  Video	 Broadcasting,
       DVB)  and save these parts into a single	MPEG output file. It follows a
       ``keyhole surgery'' approach where the input video and  audio  data  is
       mostly kept unchanged, and only very few	frames at the beginning	and/or
       end of the selected range are re-encoded	in order  to  obtain  a	 valid
       MPEG file.
       DVBCUT  needs to	create index information on an MPEG file first.	There-
       fore, when loading an MPEG transport stream file, it also asks you  for
       a  filename  of	an  index  file. If you	choose an existing file, it is
       loaded and used as index	if suitable. (That means, that dvbcut performs
       some sanity checks on the index itself and also checks if the index de-
       scribes the chosen MPEG file.) If you select a file which does not  yet
       exist, dvbcut creates the necessary index in place.

       -idx indexfile
	      Use indexfile as index.

	      Do  not  show the	graphical user interface, only generate	an in-

       dvbcut was written by Sven Over <>.

			       November	27, 2005		     DVBCUT(1)


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