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ELFTC_BFD_FIND_TARG... FreeBSD Library Functions Manual	ELFTC_BFD_FIND_TARG...

     elftc_bfd_find_target, elftc_bfd_target_byteorder,
     elftc_bfd_target_class, elftc_bfd_target_flavor, elftc_bfd_target_machine
     --	binary object descriptor handling

     library "libelftc"

     #include <libelftc.h>

     struct Elftc_Bfd_Target;

     Elftc_Bfd_Target *
     elftc_bfd_find_target(const char *target_name);

     unsigned int
     elftc_bfd_target_class(Elftc_Bfd_Target *target);

     unsigned int
     elftc_bfd_target_byteorder(Elftc_Bfd_Target *target);

     elftc_bfd_target_flavor(Elftc_Bfd_Target *target);

     unsigned int
     elftc_bfd_target_machine(Elftc_Bfd_Target *target);

     unsigned int
     elftc_bfd_target_osabi(Elftc_Bfd_Target *target);

     Function elftc_bfd_find_target() locates a	binary object descriptor cor-
     responding	to the descriptor name in argument target_name.	 Binary	object
     descriptors encapsulate properties	of an object format such as its	file
     representation, ELF class,	and byte endianness.

     Known descriptor names and	their properties include:

	 Name			 Object	Format	  Byte Order	Bit Width
	 binary			 Binary		  -		-
	 efi-app-ia32		 PE		  LSB		32
	 efi-app-x86_64		 PE		  LSB		64
	 elf32-avr		 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-big		 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-bigarm		 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-bigmips		 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-i386		 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-i386-freebsd	 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-ia64-big		 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-little		 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-littlearm	 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-littlemips	 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-powerpc		 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-powerpc-freebsd	 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-powerpcle	 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-riscv		 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf64-riscv		 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-riscv-freebsd	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf32-sh		 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-shl		 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-sh-nbsd		 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-shl-nbsd		 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-shbig-linux	 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-shl-linux	 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf32-sparc		 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-tradbigmips	 ELF		  MSB		32
	 elf32-tradlittlemips	 ELF		  LSB		32
	 elf64-alpha		 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-alpha-freebsd	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-big		 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-bigmips		 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-ia64-big		 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-ia64-little	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-little		 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-littleaarch64	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-littlemips	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-powerpc		 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-powerpc-freebsd	 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-powerpcle	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-sh64		 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-sh64l		 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-sh64-nbsd	 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-sh64l-nbsd	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-sh64big-linux	 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-sh64-linux	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-sparc		 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-sparc-freebsd	 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-tradbigmips	 ELF		  MSB		64
	 elf64-tradlittlemips	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-x86-64		 ELF		  LSB		64
	 elf64-x86-64-freebsd	 ELF		  LSB		64
	 ihex			 IHEX		  -		-
	 pei-i386		 PE		  LSB		32
	 pei-x86-64		 PE		  LSB		64
	 srec			 SREC		  -		-
	 symbolsrec		 SREC		  -		-

     Function elftc_bfd_target_byteorder() returns the ELF byte	order associ-
     ated with target descriptor target.

     Function elftc_bfd_target_class() returns the ELF class associated	with
     target descriptor target.

     Function elftc_bfd_target_flavor()	returns	the object format associated
     with target descriptor target.  The known object formats are:
	 ETF_ELF     An	ELF object.
	 ETF_BINARY  Raw binary.
	 ETF_IHEX    An	object encoded in Intel	hex format.
	 ETF_NONE    An	unknown	object format.
	 ETF_SREC    An	object encoded as S-records.

     Function elftc_bfd_find_target() returns a	valid pointer to an opaque bi-
     nary target descriptor if successful, or NULL in case of an error.

     Function elftc_bfd_target_byteorder() returns the ELF byte	order associ-
     ated with the target descriptor; one of ELFDATA2MSB or ELFDATA2LSB.

     Function elftc_bfd_target_class() returns the ELF class associated	with
     the target	descriptor; one	of ELFCLASS32 or ELFCLASS64.

     Function elftc_bfd_target_machine() returns the ELF architecture associ-
     ated with the target descriptor.

     Function elftc_bfd_target_flavor()	returns	one of ETF_BINARY, ETF_ELF,
     ETF_IHEX or ETF_SREC if successful	or ETF_NONE in case of error.

     To	return descriptor information associated with target name "elf64-big"

	   struct Elftc_Bfd_Target *t;

	   if ((t = elftc_bfd_find_target("elf64-big"))	== NULL)
		   errx(EXIT_FAILURE, "Cannot find target descriptor");

	   printf("Class: %s\n", elftc_bfd_target_class(t) == ELFCLASS32 ?
	       "ELFCLASS32" : "ELFCLASS64");
	   printf("Byteorder: %s\n",
	       elftc_bfd_target_byteorder(t) ==	ELFDATA2LSB ? "LSB" : "MSB");
	   printf("Flavor: %d\n", elftc_bfd_target_flavor(t));


FreeBSD	13.0		       February	12, 2020		  FreeBSD 13.0


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