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ETDUMP(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		     ETDUMP(8)

     etdump -- Dump El Torito boot catalog information from ISO	images

     etdump [-f	format]	[-o file] file ...

     This program reads	El Torito boot catalog information from	an ISO image
     and outputs it in various formats.	 It can	be used	to check the catalog
     in	an image or to output catalog data in a	format that can	be used	by
     other tools such as shell scripts.

     Supported options are:

     -f	format --format	format
	   Select the output format.  Supported	output formats are:

		 text	Human-readable text (default)

		 shell	Each boot entry	is emitted as a	string suitable	for
			passing	to a sh-compatible eval	command.  The vari-
			ables emitted are:

			      et_platform  The platform	ID from	the section
					   header.  Set	to 'default' for the
					   initial (default) entry.

			      et_system	   The system ID from the boot entry.

			      et_lba	   The starting	LBA (2048-byte blocks)
					   of the boot image.

			      et_sectors   The number of sectors (512-byte
					   sectors) that comprise the boot im-

     -o	file --output file
	   Write output	to file.  If '-' is specified then standard out	is

     To	see what entries are in	a given	boot catalog run etdump	passing	the
     filename of the image as an argument like so:

	   % etdump bootonly.iso
	   Image in bootonly.iso
	   Default entry
		   System i386
		   Start LBA 420 (0x1a4), sector count 4 (0x4)
		   Media type: no emulation

	   Section header: efi,	final
		   Section entry
			   System i386
			   Start LBA 20	(0x14),	sector count 1600 (0x640)
			   Media type: no emulation

     To	use the	output in a shell script a for loop can	be used	to iterate
     over the entries returned using eval:

	   for entry in	`etdump	--format shell bootonly.iso`; do
		   eval	$entry
		   echo	$et_platform $et_system	$et_lba	$et_sectors

     The etdump	utility	first appeared in FreeBSD 11.2

FreeBSD	13.0			April 25, 2018			  FreeBSD 13.0


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