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FTIMES-DBM-REAP(1)	     FTimes Documentation	    FTIMES-DBM-REAP(1)

       ftimes-dbm-reap - Extract unresolved keys from one or more files

       ftimes-dbm-reap [-F separator] [-o option[,option[,...]]] [-s
       sort-command] [-S sort-dir] [-T tag-pair] -t type-tuple file [file ...]

       This utility extracts and conditionally normalizes field	values from
       one or more input files,	tags them (see -T) with	an initial tag value,
       and writes the results to stdout.  Output is a sorted and conditionally
       uniqued list of value/tag pairs having the following format:


       -F separator
	   Specifies the input field separator.	 Valid separators include the
	   following characters: tab '\t', space ' ', comma ',', colon ':',
	   semi-colon ';', equal sign '=', and pipe '|'.  The default
	   separator is	a pipe.	 Note that parse errors	are likely to occur if
	   the specified separator appears in any of the field values.

       -o option,[option[,...]]
	   Specifies the list of options to apply.  Currently the following
	   options are supported:

	       Don't report errors (i.e., be quiet) while processing files.

	       Don't unique the	sorted output.

       -S sort-dir
	   Specifies the directory sort	should use as a	temporary work area.
	   The default directory is that specified by the TMPDIR environment
	   variable or /tmp if TMPDIR is not set.

       -s sort-command
	   Specifies the name of an alternate sort utility.  Relative paths
	   are affected	by your	PATH environment variable.  Alternate sort
	   utilities must support the -o, -T and -u options.  This program was
	   designed to work with GNU sort.

       -T tag-pair
	   Specifies the tag pair in the following format:


	   where <tag-type> represents the type	of tag and <tag-value>
	   represents a	literal	value or the column name, or position
	   (starting at	one) of	the field to use as the	tag value.  If
	   <tag-type> is VALUE,	then <tag-value> represents a literal value.
	   If <tag-type> is FIELD, then	<tag-value> represents the column
	   name, or position of	the field to use as the	tag value.  The
	   default tag type is VALUE, and the default tag value	is an empty

       -t type-tuple
	   Specifies a three-tuple type	in the following format:


	   where <file-type> represents	the type of files that are to be
	   processed, <field-name> represents the column name or position
	   (starting at	one) of	the field to process, and <field-type>
	   represents the expected format of the field values.	If
	   <field-name>	is specified as	a name (rather than a position), each
	   input file must have	a header line that contains the	named column.

	   Currently, the following file types are supported: GENERIC.	The
	   value for this tuple	is not case sensitive.

	   Currently, the following field types	are supported: EIN, MD5, SHA1,
	   SHA256, SSN,	and STRING.  The value for this	tuple is not case

	   Note: All files processed in	a given	invocation must	be of the same

       Klayton Monroe

       ftimes(1), hipdig(1), ftimes-dbm-make(1)

       All documentation and code are distributed under	same terms and
       conditions as FTimes.

perl v5.32.1			  2021-03-01		    FTIMES-DBM-REAP(1)


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