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hier(7)		       Miscellaneous Information Manual		       hier(7)

       hier - file system hierarchy

       The  following is a brief description of	the root file system.  The ma-
       jor directory hierarchy and representative files	are listed.

       Symbolic	links can be included in the files to provide backward compat-
       ibility.	To display the links, type:
       % ls -l

       See the Guide to	Disk Maintenance for more detailed information.

       /       Directory  for  root file system. This file system is separated
	       into nonsharable	data, (root (/)) and  sharable	data,  (/usr).
	       These  two  file	 systems  are  each divided into the following
	       types: static data, variable data, and executable data.

       /bin    Directory for the single	user executable	data files.

	       Parent of all processes,

	       Mount program,

       /dev    Directory for devices.
		  MAKEDEV Shell	script to create special files
			  Site-specific	part of	MAKEDEV
		  console Main console,
		  rz	  SCSI disks,
		  rrz*	  Raw SCSI disks,
		  rmt*	  Tapes
		  mrmt*	  Tapes
		  tty*	  Terminals,

       /etc    Directory for the machine-specific static data files and	 shell
	       scripts for booting.
		  crontab   System clock daemon	table,
		  disktab   Disk characteristics and partition tables,
		  fstab	    File system	configuration table,
		  group	    Group file,
		  hosts	    Host name-to-network address mapping file,
		  motd	    Message-of-the-day file,
		  networks  Network name-to-network number mapping file,
		  passwd    Password file,
		  protocols Name-to-number mapping file,
		  rc	    Shell script to bring the system to	multiuser mode
		  rc.local  Site-dependent portion of rc
		  remote    Names and description of remote hosts for and
		  services  Network services definition	file,
		  termcap   Description	of terminal capabilities,
		  ttys	    Properties of terminals,

       /lib    Symbolic	link to

	       Directory for connecting	detached files for

       /sys    Symbolic	link, normally to

       /tmp    Directory for temporary files (see also
		  e*	 Used by
		  ctm*	 Used by

       /usr    General purpose directory, on which the file system is normally
	       mounted (see description	that follows).

       /var    Directory for variable length files, such as spool, administra-
	       tive,  and  temporary files. These files	can also be located in
	       See the Guide to	Disk Maintenance.

       /vmunix Kernel image

       The directory contains the sharable data. The following is a brief  de-
       scription of the	file system.  The major	directory hierarchy and	repre-
       sentative files are listed.

       /usr	 Root directory	for file system.

       /usr/adm	 Directory for administrative information, which is now	a sym-
		 bolic link to
		    crash   Directory for crash	dumps
		    vmcore.?,vmunix.?	Crash dump files
		    lpacct  Line printer accounting,
		    tracct  Phototypesetter accounting,
		    wtmp    Login history,

       /usr/bin	 Directory  for	 the  shared  executable data files, including
		 utility programs and Shell scripts.
		    as	 assembler
		    cc	 C compiler executive (see also	and
		    csh	 C shell

       /usr/dict Directory for word lists.
		    spellhist History file,
		    words     Word list,

       /usr/doc	 Directories containing	files for the Vol.2 documentation.
		    as	 Assembler manual
		    c	 C manual

       /usr/etc	 Directory for utility programs	and shell scripts.

		 Clock daemon,

		 Dump program,

		 A directory where components of the base system and Digital's
		 separately   licensed	products  can  locate  code  examples,
		 scripts, and demos for	customers to use.  A typical use is to
		 complement printed documentation.

		 Directory for games.
		    hangman   Hangman game
		    lib	      Library directory	for games

		 Part of login,

		 Directory for standard	#include files.
		    a.out.h  Object file layout,
		    stdio.h  Standard I/O,
		    sys	     Symbolic  link  to	 (system  generation  #include

       /usr/lib	 Directory for the shared static data files,  such  as	object
		    atrun   System scheduler,
		    cpp	    C preprocessor
		    libc.a  System calls and standard I/O (2,3,3S)
		    font    Directory for fonts
		    lint    Directory for utility files	for
		    tmac    Directory for macros
		    units   Data file of conversion tables for
		    uucp    Directory for programs and data

       /usr/man	 Directory for unformatted and preformatted reference (manual)
		    cat1    Section 1 (preformatted)
		    cat2    Section 2 (preformatted)
		    cat3    Section 3 (preformatted)
		    man1    Section 1 (unformatted)
		    man2    Section 2 (unformatted)
		    man3    Section 3 (unformatted)

       /usr/mdec Directory for ULTRIX boot files.

       /usr/msgs Directory for messages,

       /usr/new	 Directory for binaries	of new versions	of programs.

		 Directory  for	 editor	 files	preserved  after  crashes   or

       /usr/skel Directory for sample user startup files.
		    .cshrc   Startup file for
		    .login   Login startup file	for
		    .mailrc  Startup file for
		    .profile Startup file for
		    .project Lists information used by

		 Directory  for	 delayed  execution files, which is now	a sym-
		 bolic link to
		    at	 Directory used	by
		    lpd	 Directory used	by
			    lock Present when line printer is active
			    cf*	 Copy of file to be printed, if	necessary
			    df*	 Daemon	control	file,
			    tf*	 Transient control file	(exists	while is work-
		    mail  Mailboxes for
			    name	Mail file for user name
			    name.lock	Lock  file  (exists  while name	is re-
					ceiving	mail)
		    uucp  Work files and staging area for
			    LOGFILE	Summary	log

       /usr/src	 Generic sources.
		    usr.bin User sources
			      troff and	sources
			      term  Directory of  description  files  for  new

       /usr/sys	 Directory for system files.
		    b.mips    BINARY for MIPS
		    b.vax     BINARY for VAX
		    fs	      Filesystem SRC
		    net	      Netword SRC
		    mips      MIPS-specific SRC
		    vax	      VAX-specific SRC
		    data      System data files
			      Configuration files
		    h	      #include files
		    SAS	      Standalone system
		    sys	      Machine independent SRC

       /usr/tmp	 Symbolic link to

See Also
       apropos(1),  find(1), finger(1),	grep(1), ls(1),	whatis(1), whereis(1),
       which(1), ncheck(8)
       Guide to	Disk Maintenance

				     RISC			       hier(7)

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