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hx509 library(3)	      Heimdalx509library	      hx509 library(3)

       hx509 library -

       int hx509_context_init (hx509_context *context)
       void hx509_context_free (hx509_context *context)

Detailed Description
Function Documentation
   void	hx509_context_free (hx509_context * context)
       Free the	context	allocated by hx509_context_init().

	   context context to be freed.

   int hx509_context_init (hx509_context * context)
       Creates a hx509 context that most functions in the library uses.	The
       context is only allowed to be used by one thread	at each	moment.	Free
       the context with	hx509_context_free().

	   context Returns a pointer to	new hx509 context.

	   Returns an hx509 error code.

Version	1.5.2			  11 Jan 2012		      hx509 library(3)

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