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ICEWMHINT(1)			 User Commands			  ICEWMHINT(1)

       icewmhint - set IceWM hints by window class and instance

       icewmhint CLASS.INSTANCE	OPTION VALUE ...

       icewmhint is a utility for passing IceWM	hints to icewm(1).  icewm uses
       these hints for the first X11 client which is subsequently started.
       They take precedence over hints from the	icewm-winoptions(1) file.

       A hint is a triplet consisting of a class.instance, an IceWM winoption
       and its value. Multiple hints can be given per invocation of icewmhint.

       The hints are communicated over the "_ICEWM_WINOPTHINT" property	on the
       root window.  icewmhint appends hints to	this property, while icewm
       removes the property after reading it.

       icewmhint recognizes the	following options:

       Only one	command	option can be specified	per invocation.	 If no command
       option is specified, argument parsing and processing is performed.

       -h, --help
	   Print a brief usage statement to stdout and exit.

       -V, --version
	   Print the program version to	stdout and exit.

       -C, --copying
	   Print copying permissions to	stdout for the program and exit.

       -d, --display=DISPLAY
	   Specifies the X11 DISPLAY. If unspecified, defaults to $DISPLAY.

       The following three arguments are required for each hint.

	   Specifies the ICCCM 2.0 WM_CLASS property in	terms of resource
	   class and resource name separated by	a period (".").	 For example:
	   "XTerm.xterm". Just the resource class or resource name without a
	   dot is also acceptable, like	"XTerm"	or "xterm".

	   Specifies the OPTION	to affect.

	   Gives the VALUE for the option.

       Multiple	hints can be given.

       General option arguments	are normally associated	with GNOME WinWM/WMH
       hints (except for the tray option argument).

       icon NAME
	   Specifies the icon name for windows of CLASS.INSTANCE.  NAME	should
	   be the name of the icon.  icewm(1) will use its usual method	to
	   locate the icon.  The default is the	name provided by window
	   manager hints.

       workspace WORKSPACE
	   Specifies the workspace on which a window of	CLASS.INSTANCE will be
	   initially placed.  The default is the current workspace.  WORKSPACE
	   should be a workspace number	counting from 0.

       geometry	GEOMETRY
	   Specifies the initial geometry for windows of the given
	   CLASS.INSTANCE.  GEOMETRY must be a geometry	that can be parsed by
	   XParseGeometry(3).  The default is the geometry provided by window
	   manager hints.

       order NUMBER
	   The sorting order of	task buttons and tray icons. The default value
	   is zero. Increasing positive	values go farther right, while
	   decreasing negative values go farther left. The order option
	   applies to the task pane, the tray pane and the system tray.

       opacity NUMBER
	   Set the _NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY property if NUMBER is	a value
	   between 1 and 100. NUMBER is	interpreted as percentage of maximum

       layer {Desktop|Below|Normal|OnTop|Dock|AboveDock|Menu|NUMBER}
	   The layer is	a similar concept to the layer specified by GNOME/WMH
	   and implied by NetWM/EWMH.  It is in	this case however specific to

	   This	command	option specifies the layer to be associated with a
	   CLASS.INSTANCE.  The	default	is the "Normal"	layer.	VALUE is
	   either a layer number or a symbolic layer name.  Symbolic layer
	   names are:

	       Desktop	  (0)  desktop window layer.
	       Below	  (2)  below normal windows.
	       Normal	  (4)  default window layer.
	       OnTop	  (6)  above normal windows.
	       Dock	  (8)  docks (panels and edge displays).
	       AboveDock (10)  above docks.
	       Menu	 (12)  above everything	else.

       tray {Ignore|Minimized|Exclusive|NUMBER}
	   Specifies the tray handling to be applied to	windows	with
	   CLASS.INSTANCE.  This option	is specific to icewm(1)	and sets the
	   "_ICEWM_TRAY" property associated with the window.  The default is
	   "Ignore".  VALUE can	be an option number or a symbolic name as

	       Ignore	  (0)  only in task list.
	       Minimized  (1)  icon in tray, task list unminimized.
	       Exclusive  (2)  only in tray, not in task list.

       Specifies which functions are disabled or enabled (0/1) for windows
       with CLASS.INSTANCE.  All functions have	a default value	of enabled (1)
       unless overridden by the	application.  The Motif-like functions are as

	   fClose     can be closed:	    (default: 1).
	   fHide      can be hidden:	    (default: 1).
	   fMaximize  can be maximized:	    (default: 1).
	   fMinimize  can be minimized:	    (default: 1).
	   fMove      can be moved:	    (default: 1).
	   fResize    can be resized:	    (default: 1).
	   fRollup    can be shaded:	    (default: 1).

       Specifies which decorations are disabled	or enabled (0/1) for windows
       with CLASS.INSTANCE.  All decor options have a default value of enabled
       (1) unless overridden by	the application. The Motif-like	decorations
       are as follows:

	   dBorder    has border:	    (default: 1).
	   dClose     has close	button:	    (default: 1).
	   dDepth     has depth	button:	    (default: 1).
	   dHide      has hide button:	    (default: 1).
	   dMaximize  has maximize button:  (default: 1).
	   dMinimize  has minimize button:  (default: 1).
	   dResize    has resize grips:	    (default: 1).
	   dRollup    has shade	button:	    (default: 1).
	   dSysMenu   has window menu:	    (default: 1).
	   dTitleBar  has title	bar:	    (default: 1).

       Specifies which advanced	features to be enabled/disabled	(1/0) for
       windows with CLASS.INSTANCE.  All advanced features have	a default
       value of	disabled (0) unless overridden by the application.  The
       advanced	features are as	follows:

	   allWorkspaces	     on	all workspaces.
	   appTakesFocus	     let application take focus.
	   doNotCover		     limits workspace if sticky.
	   doNotFocus		     do	not focus.
	   forcedClose		     no	close dialog.
	   fullKeys		     provided more keys.
	   ignoreNoFocusHint	     focus even	no-input.
	   ignorePagerPreview	     do	not show in pager preview.
	   ignorePositionHint	     place automatically.
	   ignoreQuickSwitch	     not on quick switch.
	   ignoreTaskBar	     not on task bar.
	   ignoreUrgentHint	     ignore urgent hints.
	   ignoreWinList	     not on window list.
	   noFocusOnAppRaise	     no	focus on raise.
	   noFocusOnMap		     do	not focus when mapped.
	   noIgnoreTaskBar	     on	task bar.
	   nonICCCMconfigureRequest  more configure requests.
	   startFullscreen	     start full	screen.
	   startMaximized	     start maximized.
	   startMaximizedHorz	     start maximized horizontal.
	   startMaximizedVert	     start maximized vertical.
	   startMinimized	     start minimized.

	   # Here is how to preload an invisible background process of chromium
	   # on	the fourth workspace which is only visible on the Window List.

	   icewmhint Chromium-browser startMinimized 1 \
		     Chromium-browser workspace	3 \
		     Chromium-browser ignorePagerPreview 1 \
		     Chromium-browser ignorePositionHint 1 \
		     Chromium-browser ignoreTaskBar 1 \
		     Chromium-browser ignoreQuickSwitch	1 \
		     Chromium-browser ignoreUrgentHint 1 \
		     Chromium-browser noFocusOnAppRaise	1

       icewmhint had no	known bugs at the time of release.  Please report bugs
       for current versions to the source code repository at

       Brian Bidulock <>.

       See --copying for full copyright	notice and copying permissions.

       IceWM is	licensed under the GNU Library General Public License.	See
       the COPYING file	in the distribution or use the --copying flag to
       display copying permissions.

icewm 1.9.2			  2020-11-10			  ICEWMHINT(1)


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