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IOVCTL(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		     IOVCTL(8)

     iovctl -- PCI SR-IOV configuration	utility

     iovctl -C -f config-file [-n]
     iovctl -D [-f config-file | -d device] [-n]
     iovctl -S [-f config-file | -d device]

     The iovctl	utility	creates	or destroys PCI	Single-Root I/O	Virtualization
     (SR-IOV) Virtual Functions	(VFs).	When invoked with the -C flag, iovctl
     creates VFs as children of	the Physical Function (PF) configured in the
     specified configuration file.  When invoked with the -D flag, iovctl de-
     stroys all	VFs that are children of the specified device.	Available PF
     devices can be seen in /dev/iov/.

     The following options are available:

     -C	     Enable SR-IOV on the specified PF device and create VF children.
	     This operation will fail if the PF	already	has VF children.  This
	     option must be used in conjunction	with the -f option.

     -d	device
	     Specify the PF device to use for the given	operation.  device may
	     either be the name	of a PF	device,	or a full path name to a node
	     in	/dev/iov/.  This option	may not	be used	with the -C option.

     -D	     Delete all	VF children of the specified PF	device.	 This opera-
	     tion will fail if SR-IOV is not currently enabled on the speci-
	     fied device.

     -f	config-file
	     Specify the pathname of the configuration file.  For the -C op-
	     tion, this	file will be used to specify all configuration values.
	     For the -D	and -S options,	this file will only be used to specify
	     the name of the PF	device.

	     See iovctl.conf for a description of the config file format and
	     documentation of the configuration	parameters that	apply to all
	     PF	drivers.  See the PF driver manual page	for configuration pa-
	     rameters specific to particular hardware.

     -n	     Perform a dry-run.	 Perform all validation	of the specified ac-
	     tion and print what would be done,	but do not perform the actual
	     creation or destruction of	VFs.  This option may not be used with
	     the -S flag.

     -S	     Read the configuration schema from	the specified device and print
	     its contents to stdout.  This action may be used to discover the
	     configuration parameters supported	on a given PF device.

     iovctl.conf(5), rc.conf(5)

     This manual page was written by Ryan Stone	<>.

BSD				 May 31, 2020				   BSD


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