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ISCSI.CONF(5)		  FreeBSD File Formats Manual		 ISCSI.CONF(5)

     iscsi.conf	-- iSCSI initiator configuration file

     The iscsi.conf configuration file is used by the iscsictl(8) and
     iscontrol(8) utilities.  The general syntax is:

	     # this is a comment
	     nickname_1	{
		variable = value;
	     nickname_2	{
		variable = value;

     AuthMethod	     Sets the authentication type.  Type can be	either "None",
		     or	"CHAP".	 Default is "None".  When set to CHAP, both
		     chapIName and chapSecret must be defined.

     chapIName	     Login for CHAP authentication.

     chapSecret	     Secret for	CHAP authentication.

     tgtChapName     Target login for Mutual CHAP authentication.

     tgtChapSecret   Target secret for Mutual CHAP authentication.

     HeaderDigest    Sets the header digest; a checksum	calculated over	the
		     header of iSCSI PDUs, and verified	on receive.  Digest
		     can be either "None", or "CRC32C".	 Default is "None".

     DataDigest	     Sets the data digest; a checksum calculated over the Data
		     Section of	iSCSI PDUs, and	verified on receive.  Digest
		     can be either "None", or "CRC32C".	 Default is "None".

     InitiatorName   Sets the initiator	name.  By default, the name is con-
		     catenation	of "" with the host-

     TargetName	     Sets the target name.  Not	required for discovery ses-

     TargetAddress   Sets the target address and port, in address[:port] for-
		     mat.  The address can be either an	IP address, or host-
		     name.  The	optional port defaults to 3260.

     SessionType     Sets the session type.  Type can be either	"Discovery",
		     or	"Normal".  Default is "Normal".	 For normal sessions,
		     the TargetName must be defined.  Discovery	sessions re-
		     sult in the initiator connecting to all the targets re-
		     turned by SendTargets iSCSI discovery with	the defined

     Enable	     Enable or disable the session.  State can be either "On",
		     or	"Off".	Default	is "On".

     Offload	     Name of selected iSCSI hardware offload driver.  Default
		     is	"None".

     Protocol	     Name of selected protocol.	 It can	be either "iSER", for
		     iSCSI over	RDMA, or "iSCSI".  Default is "iSCSI".

     dscp	     The DiffServ Codepoint used for sending data.  The	DSCP
		     can be set	to numeric, or hexadecimal values directly, as
		     well as the well-defined "cs_n_" and "af_xx_" codepoints.
		     Default is	no specified dscp codepoint, which means the
		     default of	the outgoing interface is used.

     pcp	     The 802.1Q	Priority CodePoint used	for sending packets.
		     The PCP can be set	to a value in the range	between	"0" to
		     "7".  When	omitted, the default for the outgoing inter-
		     face is used.


     myiscsi { # nickname
	targetaddress =	iscsi1
	targetname    =

     myiscsi6 {	# nickname
	targetaddress =	[2001:db8::de:ef]:3260
	targetname    =

     chaptest {
	targetaddress =;
	targetname    =;
	initiatorname =;
	authmethod    =	CHAP;
	chapiname     =;
	chapsecret    =	"secretsecret";

     iscontrol(8), iscsictl(8)

FreeBSD	13.0			  May 6, 2016			  FreeBSD 13.0


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